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Project: Bella's Mittens

Ten years ago, the first instalment of the Twilight Saga series of movies was released. It sparked my interest in Ruth Cross because Bella's Long Cable Mittens came from this designer. Ruth Cross had since closed her store for ready-to-wear and made-to-order knits but released this pattern afterwards. Unfortunately, the website is no longer up (it was still up a few months ago) and I'm unsure how you will be able to obtain the pattern.

There was an influx of copycat patterns after the release of the film. Nancy Fry's pattern is arguably the closest to the original pattern, as it is knitted flat and stitched together. I used Subliminal Rabbit's pattern the first time, which was already a huge learning experience because I had to learn how to knit cables, knit in the round, increase/decrease stitches. Prior to that, I only just for the hang of knitting stockinette scarves without accidentally decreasing or increasing stitches.

On the rare occasion, you can …
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Beauty: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I've been using Bourjois' Healthy Mix line since three years ago. As I'm about to finish my old bottle of Healthy Mix (in 52 Vanilla, my summer shade), I thought I'd make this post. The Healthy Mix line comes highly recommended in the beauty community as an affordable high-street foundation. I'd argue that I prefer this foundation over the mid-range brands I've tried: NARS Sheer Glow, Too Faced Born This Way, MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Laura Mercier Silk Creme. I just think you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent foundation these days, and there are frequent promotions in pharmacies, so you could save your money for something else, like an eyeshadow palette.

I first used the serum foundation, and I wasn't a fan of it. It offered a slightly dewy finish and light-medium coverage: the coverage was perfect for summer but the dewiness wasn't made to last in hot weather, especially for someone with a slightly oily T-zone. I later tried the o…

Book Review: Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

This is not a new release, but I began to take beauty seriously back in 2014. That is when I discovered Sali Hughes and her In the Bathroom series. With the release of Pretty Honest, I was very excited and eager to have my hands on a copy. I've had this book over a few years now, so here's my review on it.

Prior to this, I had never come across 'coffee table books'. Frankly, whatever is on the coffee table is what I'm reading in bed, and it happens to be Tolstoy's War and Peace. Sitting right next to it would be my phone, playing A Year of War and Peace, the podcast. The chapters are short enough and within a year, I'll have read the book, a chapter a day. In any case, I'm not much of a reader of beauty and fashion, or anything with impressive pictures to look at.

Pretty Honest is what you'd dub a coffee table book and it'll look equally as fitting on a dressing table. Just don't put it near your makeup because if you smear anything on it, i…

Inspiration: My Style Icons

It's been a while since I've written something for someone else's eyes. When I started this blog, I was fascinated with alternative fashions but over time, my tastes have changed. There are periods where I'm simply uninspired by clothes and trends. Sometimes, I want to wear the same things over and over again because I love what I have.

Here's the story of the state of my wardrobe: Marie Kondo's popular method prompted me to spend half a day going through all of my clothing and sorting out what I wanted to keep from the items I could farewell (clothes that only fit my 13-year-old self; cheap Shein garments I never wore but purchased on a whim). I also re-evaluated my consumer habits. Quality garments such as coats and jeans are worth splurging on. I'd appreciate it if it were sustainable and ethically made but I'm not that committed to buying from brands that market themselves as such. Instead, I'm more inclined to consider preowned items (such as c…

Inspiration: Favourite Prints of Spring/Fall 2017

I haven't derived much inspiration from clothing for a few years but I finally feel like I have my buzz back with these trends in store.

Muted Florals

I mentioned florals last year but florals are never truly out of fashion. This year, the florals are printed on sheer silk, chiffon or georgette. There's an airy quality that keeps it light for spring, but the muted colours are autumn appropriate. I fell in love with the Zimmermann florals but that's way out of my price range.

Constellations/Cosmic Prints

Moons and stars have always been popular but it's this year that I've noticed it more in clothing than in jewellery. Marks & Spencer released a constellation dress with funnel sleeves (in line with the 70s trend) and that sold out quickly. I opted for their other dress with the sheer outer and I will be saving that for the holiday season. I saw one in Zara too, but I wasn't keen on the fabric.

Project: Wool and the Gang's Wonderwool Sweater

I've had my eye on Wool and the Gang's range for a while, and plunged in when they offered 30% off in their Spring Sale.

For the experienced knitter, Wool and the Gang is probably not going to appeal to you. I'm an amateur and I don't necessarily have all the tools I need for a particular project. It's a great starting point for beginners or occasional knitters such as I, who wish to have a one-stop-shop. It's also for the fashion savvy as they have collaborations with designers such as Vivienne Westwood, and brands like & Other Stories and I love Mr Mittens.

Overall, my shopping experience was pleasant. The personalised label was adorable and I was surprised to see that it was packaged in a box because I typically get yarn mailed either in envelopes or mailing bags. Shipping to Australia took the usual time to arrive: about 2-3 weeks.

As for the price, Wool and the Gang does not offer it cheap. Nevertheless, the quality is good and you get what you pay for…

Project: Knitted Bag

I've had my eye on Quince & Co for a while. I like their simple aesthetic and their ethos -- slow fashion, not fast fashion. They offer patterns that are timeless. I selected the Dejeuner bag by Pam Allen and followed the pattern to a T -- even using their Swallow yarn in Sans (undyed).

I wanted something practical that I can gift. The pattern is not complicated to follow and the trickiest part is stitching up the bag. It was my first time using interchangeable needles -- the pattern did not call for it but I chose to use interchangeable ones. I wasn't keen on the needles unscrewing themselves but I liked the advantages -- that you can lock them in on the cable and have multiple projects going on at the same time.

Over a couple of months, I've been knitting on-and-off and finally the end result:

If there's one thing I'd go back and fix up, it'd be the handles. It is quite thin, and I messed up a bit. Nevertheless, I'm pretty proud of it as it is the fir…