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Event: Wool Modern

The Wool Modern exhibition is finally in Sydney! If you don't know about Wool Modern, it's basically an exhibit displaying Avant-garde uses of wool in fashion and design. By that I mean furniture and clothing. If you still want to catch this exhibit in Sydney, they're in Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay. They're open until the 1st of May. After that, you can catch it in the Queen Victoria Building from the 3rd of May all the way until June. You can see the website for more information:

If you go, you can also grab a little booklet about the exhibit:
I went and took some pictures of the exhibit. Many of these photos had to be edited so you could actually see the garments. The lighting in the room wasn't great for photos, that's all I have to say about that.

The designers listed would be in order from left to right. In Sydney, there are extra commissions done by Australian designers.

I enjoyed this exhibit a lot, especially looking a…

Trend: Detachable Collars

I've mentioned the faux fur collar trend within Lolita and Mori girl trend but even mainstream fashion has been reached. While we're seeing some faux fur collars here in Australia for fall/winter, I believe detachable collars have been popping up as a spring trend. People these days want more versatility in their clothing, to be able to wear a garment in more ways than one and the detachable collar is just one way.

These adorable little things can come in many shapes and colours. We see these in Louis Vuitton and Carven on the runway and in 'Karl', which is Karl Lagerfeld's collection on net-a-porter.

Not willing to fork out ~$200 for a collar? Well, these collars are wonderful DIY projects if you have the skills and the time. That or you can pick it up anywhere else like Etsy and it's only a matter of time that the chain stores will pick it up.

I think with this trend, you either love it or hate it. People love how you can easily jazz up an outfit with a colla…

'Round the World #6: Gyaru (Gal)

Gyaru (Gal) fashion is probably one of the older styles in Japanese street fashion. There are many branches: kogal, ganguro and himegyaru to name a few. It reached the peak of its popularity in the 1990s and has declined since the 2000s. Some Gyaru brands include: Liz Lisa and Cecil Mcbee but it isn't not limited to those brands as luxury brands are also coordinated in gyaru (Gucci, Chanel, etc).

Gyaru is simply the Japanese take on western fashion with the bleached hair, dramatic makeup and the artificial tans, appearance-wise. Wigs, false eyelashes and artificial nails are also used in excess. Circle lenses are also used to create the illusion of larger eyes. However, Gyaru fashion has taken a turn lately and become more natural, opting for darker hair.

 Gyaru, unlike most styles, doesn't have to be all glam or just cutesy. You can be cute or sexy or even both at the same time. You have a lot more choice when wearing this style of street fashion compared to many of the ot…

Model: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is her full stage name but it's usually shortened to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and then shortened even more to just 'Kyary' (きゃり). Her real name is 竹村キリコ (Kiriko Takemura). She was originally a fashion blogger but moved onto modelling and singing, even as far as launching her line of false eyelashes. 

I love her fashion sense, regardless of whether she is modelling clothes picked out by a stylist or clothes that looks like she'd wear everyday. She's so cute and so quirky, it's difficult not to like her. Most Japanese models for street fashion are picked out from the streets, or anywhere. They'd never make it on the runways in the west because there are different standards. 

I do warn that if you really want to watch her music videos, they're very weird and kind of mess up your mind with creepy cuteness.  She also has a tendency to make strange faces to emphasise her cuteness. Obviously most of the things she wears for show ar…