Monday, April 23, 2012

Trend: Detachable Collars

I've mentioned the faux fur collar trend within Lolita and Mori girl trend but even mainstream fashion has been reached. While we're seeing some faux fur collars here in Australia for fall/winter, I believe detachable collars have been popping up as a spring trend. People these days want more versatility in their clothing, to be able to wear a garment in more ways than one and the detachable collar is just one way.

These adorable little things can come in many shapes and colours. We see these in Louis Vuitton and Carven on the runway and in 'Karl', which is Karl Lagerfeld's collection on net-a-porter.

Carven Spring 2012 RTW
Louis Vuitton Spring 2012
'Karl' detachable collars
Not willing to fork out ~$200 for a collar? Well, these collars are wonderful DIY projects if you have the skills and the time. That or you can pick it up anywhere else like Etsy and it's only a matter of time that the chain stores will pick it up.

I think with this trend, you either love it or hate it. People love how you can easily jazz up an outfit with a collar that you could wear on numerous occasions but there will be some people who think this trend is a little tacky. There are some outfits that obviously do not go with collars and it can even get a little bit too 'costume-y', think Playboy bunny. You could also look awkward with a collar if it isn't fitted properly.

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