Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration: Alice Cullen

Hi there. So I thought it has been a while since I've done a post like this so I might as well. It seems like most of the world hates Twilight but the fad has toned down a little, hence why I'm doing this. My friends know that I've read Twilight before there was this explosion of popularity in Australia. I believe Twilight was gaining popularity in the States as well. What they didn't know was that I had to look in 5 different bookstores to find the book... and it was the only copy they had (that was how unknown this series was in Australia until they planned to make a movie). Once it became popular, I saw Twilight everywhere from supermarkets to department stores and it makes me think about how stupid I was for spending all that time looking for it.

Keep in mind, I was around 14 when I picked it up. I only read it because this book was recommended to me (and I was in that phase where I wanted to read about vampires). Normally it takes me 1 week to read a book leisurely and Twilight took me a month. What kept me reading was not because of the love triangle but the character Alice Cullen. She's the friend most girls would love to have and had a horrible past, so I could not help but to feel sympathy for her. Who could've possibly hated her?

So today, I'm doing an inspiration post on Alice Cullen, the lovable vamp with style.

It was stated in the books that she had a taste for designer fashion but by no means must you hunt down every piece that is worn in the movie, although I loved the DVF Oleada dress she wore in the first film. For most of this post, I'll be referring to the films. There are just some things that the wardrobe department did that I disagree with, so it'll be DOs and DON'Ts. These tips are based on my opinion.

DO: Look for pieces in your wardrobe that are black, grey, white, ivory... Just your basic colours as these often appear in the film. Plus these are basic ones you should have in your wardrobe.

DO: Wear jewel-tone clothes. It doesn't necessarily have to be purple (amethyst) like she usually wears in the film. Choose what suits you like ruby, emeralds, dark blues like sapphires. These colours are more mature and are more for autumn.

DO: Find clothes that are feminine, ie. Chiffon, lace, ruffles. You can tone it down with a fitted waistcoat, if girly is not your style. After all, Alice is really girly, so feminine clothes suit her the most.

DO: Find oxidised silver/antique gold accessories or jewellery with semi-precious stones. It gives accessories a little something more than just plastic beads you wear. People also love vintage because these days, you see a lot of fashion revivals. I personally loved her blue lace agate ring.

DO: Accesorise with scarves, especially silk scarves she wore in New Moon.

DON'T: Wear crest jewellery. Seriously, I think it's a little tacky. I did not understand why they had to develop a family crest just for the movie and put it in the form of chokers and necklaces, and leather wristbands. The only exception is a signet ring but who wears those nowadays? Save it for royalty and aristocracy (if they even wear them...)

DON'T: Go overboard with embellishments. The Knitted and Knotted Limehouse Sweater Coat was borderline too much. I do love the sweater's details but realistically speaking, a teenage girl wouldn't wear that  unless Grandma Chic was in or she was cosplaying as Alice Cullen. This sweater might suit someone who is in her late 30s and up because the shape of it seems quite fitted (when buttoned up) and would suit those a bit younger but in my mind, the Alice Cullen in the book would've never worn something like this.

DON'T: Wear fingerless gloves. It's great for rocker chic or grunge or punk but when we're talking about Alice Cullen, fingerless gloves are not elegant and I think she'd be too sophisticated for them. Don't get me wrong, I like those gloves she wore in New Moon but as for the whole outfit, I'm not sure. If you want to look classy and sophisticated, just don't wear them.

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