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My Style: Turquoise Ring

Happy Valentine's Day!

I recently made a purchase of a vintage sterling silver and turquoise ring on etsy. I had my eye on it for a while because I saw something special in it. I waited until the seller had the Valentine's discount but even then, it was still an expensive purchase. Much to my relief, the seller offered international shipping.

Shipping was fairly quick for international. It was less than two weeks, which was great. When I received the ring, it was smaller than what I had imagined but photos tend to make things look larger than what they are.

This ring is the first ring in my jewellery collection. I was worried whether the ring would fit me but in the end, it fit perfectly. I don't find DIY ring size matching methods are accurate. The only way you can be certain is to try on rings. Designs can make a ring feel loose or tighter. It certain makes it hard to choose rings online but sometimes you just have to take the risk.

If anyone out there intends to purchas…