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'Round the World: Aomoji-Kei

I've written a short blog post on Kyary before. She's the representative for this recent Harajuku trend called "Aomoji-Kei" (青文字系)which literally means blue ink type. One definition circling around the internet is: “Basically, ‘aomoji-kei’ is about wearing whatever you want to wear without caring whether or not you look attractive, cute, or sexy. Many times, people who wear aomoji-kei fashion tend to switch between different styles a lot just depending on whatever they like and what they think is fun, so that’s why it may seem like there’s no definitive look for it :)”

There's a shorter definition that could be made: "freestyle fashion". Even though this trend is supposed to be something you do without caring, it's mainly youthful and cute. When I first read about this, all that was going through my head was "I've been doing it for years then... ". I honestly think Japan is a bit strange (well, it always was) for making this a trend bec…

Trend: Art Prints

Yes, I'm back! I wish I could say that I conquered my exams but I can't really say anything about it. Let's just say it was my first time having to do my exams in a tent at the racecourse.

Art prints have been quite popular in classic Lolita with the Juliette et Justine releases. I know it's old news that it's gone mainstream... but I'm getting use to it. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning because I did not want Botticelli's Birth of Venus plastered on my clothing.

"Art Prints" seems to be popping up everywhere I go. I've seen it on people in the form of tights and they're not exactly flattering on certain figures (since when did tights=pants?). Dolce & Gabbana's Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 had featured some on their garments. Not tights, of course.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the Birth of Venus or the Mona Lisa but as long as it has flowers, I might try the trend. Of course, I'd prefer it if it was on a skirt or …