Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scraps/Trend: Spring/Summer

Hello there!

So it's been a while since I've typed anything up on my blog. I'm actually supposed to be studying at this moment but I couldn't help but I had to force myself just to write this post. I thought I'd do a little thing on the spring/summer trends I think might come to Oz (Australia... if people aren't familiar with that term). 

Most of the trends we get in Australia were trends from Spring/Summer in the northern hemisphere. I just have a gut feeling that I'd be seeing lots of colour in stores this spring and summer (hopefully, I'd get to flee from the sticky Aussie heat and spend my days in icy weather in the north, this year.)

From the runways, lots of orange popped up and something called "colour-blocking". So I thought I'd draw both into one little outfit. There's a reason why I don't like drawing faces and I'm sure you can see why from this scan:

 Ignoring this hasty and pretty ugly drawing, there's a colour-blocked skirt. I thought I'd make it a little 70s inspired, merely because there seems to be a trend with the 70s floral dresses. Anyway, the flowy long skirts and the flowy peasant blouse seems perfect for spring, when it's a little cooler.

So going on with this colourful theme, I thought I'd draw something that's a little twisted from the trends. I love Diane von Furstenberg's designs for her patterns and this was sort of inspired by her work (I could never have the patience to create intricate patterns on her clothes). It's not a unique design but I thought it was a little twist from the stripe trends going on with other runways. 

  You can see that I got lazy with the chevron stripes. My concentration span is very tiny so I could never bother making it look perfect. Some of the colouring is dodgy but there's only so much you could do with limited copic markers. 

I believe there was a recent trend on these zig-zags but I didn't think it was very big. I don't even think it even reached Australia (unless I was blind). 

Originally I wanted to do something a little bit 60s but I ended up with a trapeze neckline and a simple and colourful dress, perfect for the summer. I thought I'd add a little bit of cuteness by drawing some flower earrings too.  

Just to note, I don't have fashion in my mind as a career, so you can all breathe. It'd be terrible if I were a designer for some major fashion label and all I do is copy but then again, there's not much that's original. It's all recycled in a way, with the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s trends popping up again but slightly altered. 

So another tip: to be trendy, buy VINTAGE (a fancy word for old)!