White + Rose is a personal blog focused on style/beauty/fashions -- anything superficial. Here, I write about things that intrigue and inspire me. I also post the occasional knitting projects and crafty DIYs.

Name: S. L.
From: Sydney, Australia

If I'd describe my style, it'd be along the lines of classic (Kibbe style). Classic clean-cut styles are most flattering on me, but I do admire patterns and fine details. I'd say I'm more of an ingenue in style, favouring more youthful feminine styles. One brand that nails all the things I like is Kate Spade. I'm a lipstick and blush fiend -- I love my colour makeup. I love a good pattern.

In my knitting, I have a preference for neutral tones and natural animal fibre such as wool or alpaca. I enjoy knitting for my loved ones the most.

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