Saturday, November 15, 2014

Inspiration: Catherine Deneuve - The Hunger

The Hunger (1983) is the last film collaboration Catherine Deneuve had with Yves Saint Laurent. 80s fashion suited the thousand-year-old Egyptian vampire, Miriam -- accessories were bold and flashy, the shoulder pads making one seem more confident and powerful. In fact, every time I use my YSL lipstick, I'm reminded of this movie -- something about YSL and the flashy gold packaging makes me recall this film.

This vampire movie had its flaws but I will acknowledge that it was beautiful, aesthetically speaking.

My favourite shots
Here are the highlights of the outfits:
First outfit: Possibly jumpsuit with belt, 80s Cat Eye glasses, drop earrings, leather gloves with eyelets
Very minimalist here with a navy blazer and white shirt. Love the raspberry lip. Flashy gold earrings here. 
Veiled hat, large stud earrings, white coat and a lizard brooch (love that detail; I believe in Ancient Egypt, lizards symbolise divine wisdom) 
Perhaps my favourite dress. A drop neckline with gold and navy or is it black?
Grey shirt with a black skirt?
Black dress with shoulder pads, low V neckline, drop earrings
Polka dot blazer/top, gem brooch
A couple close ups on jewellery/watches
Whilst I think Miriam was the most stylishly dressed, I got to give a shout out to Susan Sarandon's character, Sarah Roberts, especially at the end:

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