Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Sleek Blush

I decided to make a purchase from Sleek's website when they had their '15% off' offer so I could try their Rose Gold blush people have been raving about last year. Of course, the hype has died down but I'm still curious about Sleek as a brand and wanted to try them for myself. I purchased some items that are intended to be gifted and a blush for myself.

I chose their best selling blush, Rose Gold. It is often regarded as a dupe for NARS Orgasm but I cannot vouch for that. I can say that when applied, it does offer me a similar colour to NARS Deep Throat, in that it is a pink/gold blush except that the NARS one appears more pink and less shimmery than Sleek's Rose Gold, which appears a little peachier. Initially, I was worried that the shimmer might be a bit too much for me but I like the way it looks when it is applied.

 Overall, I had a positive experience. The shipping took a while but I was in no hurry to get my items.    I would purchase again if I want another blush but I think I've got enough blushes for now.

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