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Picture Overload: A School Mufti Day

I should perhaps warn you beforehand that this is a personal post. I suppose it will have a bit to do with fashion but it's leaning towards personal. 

For those who do not know what a "Mufti Day" is, it's basically a uniform-free day. 

For those who don't have uniforms at their own schools, it might not seem like a big deal but when you wear a school uniform almost every weekday, it's pretty big because you're finally in casual clothing (nothing has to be prim and perfect and for once you're wearing colour!)

Most mufti days will support a cause and everyone donates a gold coin (or more) in order to wear casual clothes for a day. Specifically, this mufti day was to raise funds for the Queensland disaster (ie. Flood and Cyclone Yasi).

These are actually my friends but let's pretend that they're models. For privacy reasons, I'll only name them by their initials. (They know about this blog... at least most of them do)


J(1), I and E are we…

Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars

I'm deeply sorry for not posting anything lately. There were just too many things to worry about in real life, ie. school.

So one of the TV shows I'm following at the moment is Pretty Little Liars. I personally haven't read the books and I don't plan to read it either as they really aren't my type of books. They make good television though. (A bit like Gossip Girl. My taste in books are completely different to my taste in TV shows)

Out of the main characters, I believe the one who has my favourite sense of style would be Aria. She's artsy and I think her choice of colours is most like mine. Her style still stems from her gothic/punk(ish) roots so she's often in darker colours and plaid.

There was a certain outfit that caught my eye while watching one of the episodes:

She's wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Runway Ripley Tartan Dress. I loved the pattern but that's because I've always loved plaid/tartan. 

To aim for an Aria inspired outfit, go for patterns…