Friday, February 18, 2011

Picture Overload: A School Mufti Day

I should perhaps warn you beforehand that this is a personal post. I suppose it will have a bit to do with fashion but it's leaning towards personal. 

For those who do not know what a "Mufti Day" is, it's basically a uniform-free day. 

For those who don't have uniforms at their own schools, it might not seem like a big deal but when you wear a school uniform almost every weekday, it's pretty big because you're finally in casual clothing (nothing has to be prim and perfect and for once you're wearing colour!)

Most mufti days will support a cause and everyone donates a gold coin (or more) in order to wear casual clothes for a day. Specifically, this mufti day was to raise funds for the Queensland disaster (ie. Flood and Cyclone Yasi).


These are actually my friends but let's pretend that they're models. For privacy reasons, I'll only name them by their initials. (They know about this blog... at least most of them do)


J(1), I and E are wearing shorts - definitely a necessity for summer (though I'm not one who would wear shorts...)  J just wearing a simple print tee and some denim shorts. I wears black shorts with a striped shirt (tank?) with a pink/lilac shirt on the top while E wears a black flowy blouse with large buttons, grey shorts with a scalloped hem and a maroon blazer. Both I and E are incorporating some masculinity with their outfits: E with the blazer with a strong shoulder and I with the lilac men's shirt. I admired how E had balanced the femininity of her blouse and shorts with the blazer.

Here's M and J(2). M's just wearing a printed tee with a plaid short-sleeved shirt on top and some black jeans and sneakers. It's simple but sometimes simple is best. I adored J's skirt and adding the denim vest was really cute. Basically what J's wearing is a black printed tee (it actually has converse on it) a denim vest, a long floral/ethnic/spotted (it's hard to tell) skirt and chucks (converse...).

If you were wondering what I was wearing...

Let's never speak of it... (ie. it's a plaid apron dress and a white blouse -- something I would have worn in 8th grade)

Photo credits: E for taking the last picture

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