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Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars

I'm deeply sorry for not posting anything lately. There were just too many things to worry about in real life, ie. school.

So one of the TV shows I'm following at the moment is Pretty Little Liars. I personally haven't read the books and I don't plan to read it either as they really aren't my type of books. They make good television though. (A bit like Gossip Girl. My taste in books are completely different to my taste in TV shows)

Out of the main characters, I believe the one who has my favourite sense of style would be Aria. She's artsy and I think her choice of colours is most like mine. Her style still stems from her gothic/punk(ish) roots so she's often in darker colours and plaid.

There was a certain outfit that caught my eye while watching one of the episodes:

She's wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Runway Ripley Tartan Dress. I loved the pattern but that's because I've always loved plaid/tartan. 

To aim for an Aria inspired outfit, go for patterns such as leopard print or tartan. Be a little daring so choose something like a statement necklace or feather earrings. If you really want, you could get some feather hair extensions (yes they sound a little icky but I imagine it's something that she would go for). The safest bet is vintage or boho clothing - anything vintage would suit an Aria inspired outfit.

Straying away from the artsy, vintage, gothic-ish Aria is the preppy Spencer, whose style is reminiscent of Blair Waldorf minus a fashion designer mum. So basically her style's based on something an Upper East Sider from Gossip Girl would wear. Let's not forget that sometimes Blair Waldorf wears clothes that are a bit too mature for a teenage girl and that also applies to Spencer.

For this outfit, you could opt for anything feminine and lacy. She's wearing a cropped cardigan, a lacy blouse with a thin belt across her waist. However most of the time she has a masculine twist as she's constantly seen with blazers or vests. 

This is what I mean by not dressing like a teenage girl. Oh yeah, one extra tip: refined and tailored. Nothing baggy unless it's a top with some tight jeans with a belt.

Emily's sporty and simple. T-shirt and jeans would be enough but she also wears skirts. Her style's just relaxed, like what your average teen would wear. You don't need to try hard to achieve her style.

For this particular outfit, it's just a 3/4 sleeved cardigan, a tank and a denim skirt. That's all there is to it. Accessories are inconspicuous: it's just a chain with a small pendant, maybe some earrings and some thin bracelets or are they hair ties?

This is probably as flashy as the jewellery can get. It's very boho with the turquoise. The bracelet she's wearing is Chan Luu's turquoise beaded wrap bracelet (I don't know if that is exactly what it's called but it's leather wrapped around turquoise beads).

Lastly, who can forget Rosewood's IT girl Hanna? She's rather feminine and being the IT girl, she's gotta be wearing designer. She's probably my favourite character, even though she's not the most stylish one (in my opinion, it would be Aria).

This has to be my favourite outfit of hers:

With that dark green sequined top and the black leather jacket, she looks so... bad-ass. Her bag is even in a slightly different green. It's all... matches even though it's green and black, it's a dark green.

Here she's wearing a dress with a belt. If you haven't noticed, the tops and dresses she wears are quite flowy. Sometimes it's girly and frilly but it's paired with something a little masculine like a blazer with a strong shoulder. Most of the time, her waist is defined so she's seen wearing a cinch belt. 

Sorry for it being so rushed at the end. 

Photo credits: here


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