Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trend: Rose Gold

These days, I think it's pretty obvious that rose gold has become trendy from jewellery to watches, even to metallic shoes. In my eyes, yellow gold will always be classic and traditional and white gold is more modern and edgy, rose gold would something more romantic, reserved for engagement jewellery. Well, now everyone wants that Michael Kors Rose Gold watch...

They say that it flatters all skin tones but I beg to differ. I can see that rose gold would be situated between yellow and white, if there was a scale between which skin tones it flatters most (yellow suits warm and white suits cool). However, I cannot see it working out for me. Rose gold works well with fair-skinned people but I'm not exactly pale. It's not to say that you can't wear it if you're not pale. You could definitely mix rose gold with different tints of gold. 

I believe trends on jewellery tend to last longer than most fashion clothing trends so this will most likely stay for a while. Will I be testing out this trend? Perhaps... I'm quite fond of watches that have rose gold and white leather.

Just a little mention that I've been quite busy as of lately, so I'm not regularly updating. I finished my mid-semester exams but I've had a mountain of assignments to finish off and now I'm studying for the finals and attempting to finish the last of the assignments, so it'll be a while until I can get back to regular updates. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trendsetter: Scarves

Brrr... Sydney's gotten colder since May has finally kicked in but I don't recall having autumn nights dropping down to 8ÂșC since the last two years. We (my family) never crank up the heater whenever it is cold because we just don't have the need to. Australian winters aren't too cold but it sure has fierce winds. Instead, we just layer up on clothes and bring out our warmest doonas (if you're not Australian, then it's a duvet).

So since the weather's getting colder, I thought I'd do a post on scarves. You guys up in the Northern hemisphere have got so many scarves for spring out there in stores in bright neon and beautiful patterns. We, down under, haven't gotten much advice so I've decided to compile a list of things to look out for. I've said this once before, knitwear never goes out of fashion, especially during winter, nor do scarves. You'll always see scarves every fall/winter.

1. Wool

Wool is perhaps one of the most popular fibres to work with when it comes to knitting. After having gone to the Wool Modern exhibit, I'm hoping to see more wool in stores. There are other options such as alpaca or cashmere if you're allergic to wool but I really do hope wool does show up more in stores since I'm a fan of natural fibres (no acrylic!) and Australia is known for its wool, among other things. I'd say the best kind of wool to look for is Merino Wool. It's not as scratchy as the usual because the fibres have to be the finest to be classified as Merino.

2. Classic Prints

While the people up there have their spring and their bright and pastel trends, I think we're going to stay safe with the classics here. It's autumn and I see autumn as a time for timeless classics and dark colours. I was thinking along the lines of the classic Burberry check cashmere scarf or just a solid coloured scarf in neutral colours or shades of white, black or grey, or even dark colours such as navy, burgundy, the jewel tones. These days, houndstooth is in so maybe grab a houndstooth scarf?

3. Animal Print

If you're more trendy, perhaps a leopard print scarf would suit you most. The animal trends are still here and probably will stay for a little while longer. Now if only there was such thing as a fawn printed scarf... I have a fondness for spotted deer prints.

4. Chunky Scarves

If you're going to get a scarf, I'd say chunky is your safest bet. I feel like the days of skinny scarves are long gone and they hardly keep you warm at all. I don't know why but I decided to put a photo of myself wearing an chunky ivory (and very long) scarf while I was in the US... and my failed attempt at a snowball. Surprisingly, leopard print and tartan work out nicely if you want to try out the clashing print trend. I wasn't doing that intentionally though...

5. Fur scarves

With the fur collar/tippet trends popping up, there wouldn't be any excuse not releasing fur scarves. If you're thinking it's not animal friendly, most are in faux fur. There'll be some that are real but if you're going to get real ones, you should really consider vintage.

6. Snoods/Infinity Scarves

I dislike the name "Snood" so I like to call them infinity scarves instead. These have been around for a while and they'll probably stay because it makes wrapping them around you a lot easier.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: Studded Headband

So a little while ago, I had posted up on Dream High 2 and expressed my love for the studded headband. Well, I purchased one from Vintage Hollywood, a brand that a lot of Korean celebrities are spotted wearing.

There aren't many blog posts/ reviews of any purchases from Vintage Hollywood out there (at least in English) and I thought it would be helpful if I had written up one myself, in case if any of you out there have stumbled upon this site or a lured in by what Korean celebrities wear.  It was only recently that Vintage Hollywood had opened up to the international market so that may be why there aren't many reviews out there.

Navigation/Communication: Firstly, when you access the website, you'd be a little intimidated if you cannot understand Korean but there is a link to help those to navigate the website under "Are you a foreigner? Check it out!" This can be accessed from a marquee on the top of the page or by clicking "CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!" which would provide you a list of announcements.

 You can also send emails to ask any questions if you have any problems. Let's just say that I had asked a ton of questions because this was before they had added pictures to help you navigate. Another tip is that you should use Internet Explorer. I had a lot of problems because I was using a different web browser.

They responded very quickly through email (of course, in English) and even contacted DGG for me when I had some problems about not receiving an email about the international shipping. Their English is fairly good and much more coherent than some non-English web-shops.

Navigation: 4/5
Communication: 5/5

Shipping: It was fairly quick because I got it within a week of paying for the international shipping. Of course, the packaging was like the usual envelope and bubble wrap. They give you a drawstring bag with your purchase in it, which I thought was nice.

Product: As for the actual headband, it was much heavier than I thought it would be. I did not expect that the actual headband would be metal, other than the studs. I believe the hot pink material used is faux leather. Ignoring the fact that it's quite heavy, it is beautifully made and good quality.

As for the pricing of the actual product, I would say that it's a little on the pricy side for a headband. The studded headband costed 39,800 won. There are similar designs of this headband out there that are cheaper than what is offered but I personally liked the hot pink, which I couldn't find anywhere else.

There were variations on this particular headband. You could pick the hot pink one and silver studs, textured black with gold studs, khaki with gold studs or the plain black with silver studs (like the one that Hyuna wore in 'Troublemaker").

For that, I give it a 8/10.

Here is a picture of me wearing the headband.