Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trend: Rose Gold

These days, I think it's pretty obvious that rose gold has become trendy from jewellery to watches, even to metallic shoes. In my eyes, yellow gold will always be classic and traditional and white gold is more modern and edgy, rose gold would something more romantic, reserved for engagement jewellery. Well, now everyone wants that Michael Kors Rose Gold watch...

They say that it flatters all skin tones but I beg to differ. I can see that rose gold would be situated between yellow and white, if there was a scale between which skin tones it flatters most (yellow suits warm and white suits cool). However, I cannot see it working out for me. Rose gold works well with fair-skinned people but I'm not exactly pale. It's not to say that you can't wear it if you're not pale. You could definitely mix rose gold with different tints of gold. 

I believe trends on jewellery tend to last longer than most fashion clothing trends so this will most likely stay for a while. Will I be testing out this trend? Perhaps... I'm quite fond of watches that have rose gold and white leather.

Just a little mention that I've been quite busy as of lately, so I'm not regularly updating. I finished my mid-semester exams but I've had a mountain of assignments to finish off and now I'm studying for the finals and attempting to finish the last of the assignments, so it'll be a while until I can get back to regular updates. 

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