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Knit: Angora and Lambswool Hat

Hello there,

So I've been knitting lately, trying to occupy the free time I had after my exams have finished and I've finished knitting a piece using the same angora/lambswool blend yarn I had used to make some mittens in my previous posts. I'm not very pleased with the quality of my finished product, merely because I didn't have enough yarn to properly follow the pattern I was using: All-Day Beret

Rather than a beret, I've made a pseudo-beret/beanie. It was originally supposed to be a gift but I'm not sure whether to give it anymore. It's small enough to fit a dog, if dogs wore berets. Here's a picture showing how small it is as I've placed it on my cow plushie (who I call うし、which is 'cow' in Japanese [pronounced ushi] but it also has an English name Daisy because a girl I know insisted that it should be called that)

Well, it's small enough to fit a big dog like a labrador, or a German shepherd.

Scraps: My Style

Hello there!

Though it has nothing to do with fashion, what I'm going to say is: I've finally finished my exams! That was actually a week ago but I've just been grieving for the fact that I ended my exam period with a fizzle rather than a spark.

Anyway, back to fashion, I've realised that I've never really showed my style on my blog but that is because I did not wish to put anything too personal in this blog. I just had the idea to break down my style in this blog post, so that is exactly what I'm going to do.

If I had to describe my style, I would not really be able to put into words. I wouldn't describe it as chic, or classic, sophisticated. I'm not trendy nor am I casual or relaxed. Though I'm quite fond of vintage clothes, I would not describe it like that either. It's simply a reflection of who I am, what I like and what I feel like on that day but I used to have some goth and punk influences in my style.

1. Plaid

I'm very fond of this…