Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scraps: My Style

Hello there!

Though it has nothing to do with fashion, what I'm going to say is: I've finally finished my exams! That was actually a week ago but I've just been grieving for the fact that I ended my exam period with a fizzle rather than a spark.

Anyway, back to fashion, I've realised that I've never really showed my style on my blog but that is because I did not wish to put anything too personal in this blog. I just had the idea to break down my style in this blog post, so that is exactly what I'm going to do.

If I had to describe my style, I would not really be able to put into words. I wouldn't describe it as chic, or classic, sophisticated. I'm not trendy nor am I casual or relaxed. Though I'm quite fond of vintage clothes, I would not describe it like that either. It's simply a reflection of who I am, what I like and what I feel like on that day but I used to have some goth and punk influences in my style.

1. Plaid

I'm very fond of this pattern, ever since I was a little child. In fact, I don't remember a time when I haven't liked this pattern and it seems I'm always wearing this, whether it be in the form of a dress, a skirt or a jacket. However, I don't always go out and I don't actually own that many pieces that are plaid. 

2. Boots

I've started wearing boots after I grew tired of my converses. I don't actually have a large collection of shoes but I've been quite fond of boots, especially the lace-up ones or ones with buckles on them. At the moment, I own a pair of docs and some short ankle boots -- all in black.

3. Skirts + Dresses

I haven't been wearing pants very often as of lately. It is merely because I find it more comfortable to wear skirts and dresses and because I've become a little more feminine. Once in a while, I'll be in some jeans or trousers but very rarely do I wear shorts.

4. Semi-precious stones + pearls

As for accessories, I don't wear a lot of them. I don't always accessorise my outfits either but if you ever want to glam an outfit up, you can always do it with accessories like statement necklaces, rings, bracelets. However, it really isn't my thing to wear anything like statement jewellery. I'm also one of those people who enjoy making their own jewellery but I haven't made any as of recently. The amethyst bracelet in the picture is my work. I've pretty much wore the hemp and stone bracelet everyday. I would also wear pearls if I ever want to be a bit formal and girly.

5. Dark, Neutral & Tones

If I were to show you my entire wardrobe, it would mainly consist of tones(black, white and grey), neutrals (ivory, beige), and dark colours (navy, crimson). There will be some colours such as pink, orange, red, blue, mint but I mainly wear dark colours and tones all year round.

Now, for the things I've grown out of but I would occasionally wear:

1. Gunmetal + Crosses

When I mean gunmetal, I meant gunmetal grey in jewellery. At one point I really liked crosses, especially the elaborately decorated ones and I would occasionally wear them in my outfits but I felt like I quickly grew out of them. As with gunmetal, that gradually occurred but I would still wear them.

2. Converses

I feel as if I haven't been wearing them as much as I used to. They were so comfortable and it was pretty casual. I used to wear them with jeans and then when I got into dresses and skirts, I still wore them (a bit Bella Swan much? Well, I wore them like that before the movie was ever made anyway...).

3. Printed Tees

I haven't been wearing them either as of lately but I used to adore Skelanimals.

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