Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beauty: Calia Naturals

I first came across Calia through Holistichabits/Sarah Nagel on YouTube. It's been on my wishlist for a while until I finally got around to making a purchase. I may no longer be on the whole 'natural' kick but I still enjoy using haircare that is derived from natural ingredients.

I've had this regimen for about two months. I think they are very similar to the Al'chemy shampoos I used before. Calia uses unrefined ingredients and Al'chemy uses coconut-derived chemicals but I don't notice much difference. If Calia finds a way to ship items cheaper internationally (other than US and Canada), I might pick their products up again. For now, Australia offers many natural brands and Al'chemy is pretty close. Nevertheless, I recommend Calia to anyone who lives in North America and can take advantage of free shipping when you reach CAD$69.

For anyone wanting to try Calia, I recommend the hydrating line. It smells divine with the geranium oil and is gentle on the hair.

I find the purifying shampoo too drying for my hair but it is effective as a deep cleansing shampoo. Even my sister, who is often complaining that no shampoo out there is good enough for her oily roots, did not like how drying this shampoo was.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trend: New Florals

With the upcoming spring season, many stores have brought out a variation of the classic floral prints. It's more realistic -- like botanical illustrations. When I shop, I typically gravitate towards patterns and I have an affinity for these kinds of florals.

Left - H&M; Middle - Sheike; Right - H&M
Hopefully, I'll be able to snag myself one of these when the weather is warmer.

Beauty: Cushion Compacts

Cushion compacts have long been a staple in the typical woman's makeup bag in Asia. I've had a dabble with some of the affordable cushion compacts myself and thought I'd report on it. Personally, I don't think the cushion will be a long affair. It's more economical to get a bottle of foundation or a tube of BB cream, and less waste.

Skin condition: Oily-combo, acne-prone, dehydrated

L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion

RRP: AUD$29.95 (I picked it up at 50% off in my local Coles supermarket's cosmetic section)
Colour: 01 Porcelain
Finish and coverage: Dewy and buildable light-medium coverage
Lasting power: About 2-3 hours on face

Notes: Porcelain was too light and slightly pink for me, though it oxidised to fit okay. Perhaps 03 Vanilla would be a better fit. The compact lasted me about 2 months but it should last roughly 4 months for someone who does not require more coverage. Packaging feels cheap but I like the choice of pink with a metallic lid. Others beg to differ and argue that it leaves visible fingerprints, making it look grubby easier.

Cushion started drying up after a few weeks of use, so you'll need to flip the cushion once in a while and start pressing up against the sides -- not the most effective way of dispensing a product but I like how travel-friendly the cushion is. The applicator is not very good quality though -- I wish they sold puff replacements. I attempted to wash it but the sponge tore.

Overall, it's a solid product and I thoroughly enjoyed using it.

Innisfree My Cushion

Price: AUD$25.37 (with conversion from USD and 20% off at Jolse + USD$3 credit because it was my first purchase)
Refill: Water Fit - 21 Natural Beige
Finish and coverage: Satin (with brown fitting puff and blue air magic puff); buildable light-medium coverage
Lasting power: ~8 hours

Notes: There are pros and cons with a customisable system -- you can pick and choose, or switch it up if you'd like your compact to match your outfit but the components are sold separately and the cost will add up. Innisfree's downsized their cushions for this new system and as far as I know, you can only fit their brand's refills. I like that with the Korean compacts, you only have to buy the refill again instead of having to purchase a whole new compact with the L'oreal Magique cushion but regardless, the cushion foundations produce more waste than having a bottle of foundation.

First impressions: The cushion is firmer than the L'oreal. The case itself feels cheap. Nevertheless, it stayed intact when I dropped it (the day I received it). The refill slips in easily but it takes a little bit of effort to push it out. There is a noticeable herbal pine-tree fragrance in the foundation but it fades quickly.

With the fitting puff, there is a sticky sensation when applying -- that may put you off. This does not occur with the blue magic air puff. I don't see the difference in application between the two puffs, other than the sensation as you apply it. Both puffs don't tear as easily as you wash them. I found the L'oreal puff tore up the first time I tried to wash it.

The colour is a good match. Coverage is buildable to medium. The selling point of the Water Fit formulation is the adherence -- it sticks onto skin much better than a dewy formula would but it clings onto my dry patches too. Overall, I think it's a solid cushion to work with and I'd like to try the Long Wear formula during the summer.