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Beauty: Calia Naturals

I first came across Calia through Holistichabits/Sarah Nagel on YouTube. It's been on my wishlist for a while until I finally got around to making a purchase. I may no longer be on the whole 'natural' kick but I still enjoy using haircare that is derived from natural ingredients.

I've had this regimen for about two months. I think they are very similar to the Al'chemy shampoos I used before. Calia uses unrefined ingredients and Al'chemy uses coconut-derived chemicals but I don't notice much difference. If Calia finds a way to ship items cheaper internationally (other than US and Canada), I might pick their products up again. For now, Australia offers many natural brands and Al'chemy is pretty close. Nevertheless, I recommend Calia to anyone who lives in North America and can take advantage of free shipping when you reach CAD$69.

For anyone wanting to try Calia, I recommend the hydrating line. It smells divine with the geranium oil and is gentle on the h…

Trend: New Florals

With the upcoming spring season, many stores have brought out a variation of the classic floral prints. It's more realistic -- like botanical illustrations. When I shop, I typically gravitate towards patterns and I have an affinity for these kinds of florals.

Hopefully, I'll be able to snag myself one of these when the weather is warmer.

Beauty: Cushion Compacts

Cushion compacts have long been a staple in the typical woman's makeup bag in Asia. I've had a dabble with some of the affordable cushion compacts myself and thought I'd report on it. Personally, I don't think the cushion will be a long affair. It's more economical to get a bottle of foundation or a tube of BB cream, and less waste.

Skin condition: Oily-combo, acne-prone, dehydrated

L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion

RRP: AUD$29.95 (I picked it up at 50% off in my local Coles supermarket's cosmetic section)
Colour: 01 Porcelain
Finish and coverage: Dewy and buildable light-medium coverage
Lasting power: About 2-3 hours on face

Notes: Porcelain was too light and slightly pink for me, though it oxidised to fit okay. Perhaps 03 Vanilla would be a better fit. The compact lasted me about 2 months but it should last roughly 4 months for someone who does not require more coverage. Packaging feels cheap but I like the choice of pink with a metallic lid. Others beg to diff…