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My Style: Vintage Compacts

There's something alluring about vintage compacts. Not everyone gets it.

These compacts were used to keep powders in and that was precisely what I intended to do with it. If I was purely in it for the sake of collecting, I'd probably buy them in mint condition, with box and original sifter and puff.

I'd imagine someone like Dita Von Teese would carry her powder around in one of these ornate compacts. She probably does. I think it really does add that touch of glamour that makes touching up on powder a little more enjoyable. Particularly when some cheaper high-street makeup doesn't come in sturdy packaging.

Of course, compacts aren't limited to Stratton. Kigu and Estee Lauder are just some other brands. There are various guides online that help you date the compact and how to reuse a compact. There are websites out there that offer replacement puffs and sifters too, if using another brand of puff doesn't feel authentic enough.

The two compacts I have store diffe…

Event: SMASH! 2014

Yesterday, I attended SMASH - Sydney Manga and Anime Show. The last time I attend SMASH, it was in 2012 and it was held in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Since it has closed for renovations, this year it was held in Rosehill Gardens. I think SMASH has grown larger with more events spanning two days but in terms of the number that had showed up, I didn't notice a huge difference compared to 2012 but that might be because everyone was sprawled out instead of being cramped into one building. I was only able to attend Saturday's convention and everything was last minute so I ended up having to pay more for a ticket. For the full prices, it was $35 for Saturday, $30 for Sunday and $55 for both days.

I was left to explore the convention alone as soon as I entered the gates. My sister had organised to meet up with her tumblr friends and I had brought no one along with me, so I spent about an hour or so (maybe two) in the arts and crafts area doing origami and making Te…

Random: Mid-year Break

Sometimes, you just need a break from things. I'm back for the second semester now but this was how I spent my break:

I visited a friend at her place and she curled my hair. I also got to try one of her corsets. It was quite flattering but I don't have a picture because it was ridiculous to wear a corset over a jumper/sweater. She introduced me to the Lego Movie (we never finished it).
I happened to pick up a Maybelline BB cream... and that was my half-finished painting behind it. It's finished now. I haven't painted in a while and wanted to get in touch with my artistic side (sarcasm)... I just felt like painting. This is not an original work. I was never good at painting so I followed a tutorial here. Nevermind that, I never honed my skills so my artistic skill is the same as my 12-year-old self.

However, I did sketch this (for fun) while I was supposed to be studying for my finals. I started drawing a person and it ended up being a... purple-haired magician/fairy th…