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Formal: Final Post

Hello there,

I realised that I have not posted anything regarding my year 12 formal from last year and I've just left it without an end. I actually did write a post but was unable to finish it before leaving for the US. I'm back in Sydney and with summer hopefully coming to an end, I'm also starting my first year of university, doing a degree equivalent to the pre-med programs they have in the US (we don't have anything called "pre-med" here).

 I didn't end up making a dress for the formal and my purchase was a last minute one. I ended up purchasing a lacy tea dress. My bad time management is to blame and my lack of motivation... I shouldn't make empty promises. Fortunately, I had some time to make my headband because I wasn't going to go unless I had something I had personally made on me. It's a ruched headband made of golden silk habotai and it was possibly the most difficult project I had ever done without a proper pattern. That means …

Inspiration: Alice Cullen

Hi there. So I thought it has been a while since I've done a post like this so I might as well. It seems like most of the world hates Twilight but the fad has toned down a little, hence why I'm doing this. My friends know that I've read Twilight before there was this explosion of popularity in Australia. I believe Twilight was gaining popularity in the States as well. What they didn't know was that I had to look in 5 different bookstores to find the book... and it was the only copy they had (that was how unknown this series was in Australia until they planned to make a movie). Once it became popular, I saw Twilight everywhere from supermarkets to department stores and it makes me think about how stupid I was for spending all that time looking for it.

Keep in mind, I was around 14 when I picked it up. I only read it because this book was recommended to me (and I was in that phase where I wanted to read about vampires). Normally it takes me 1 week to read a book leisurel…

Update: San Francisco

New York's got Fifth Avenue, Paris has the Champs Élysées, Sydney's probably the Pitt St Mall and San Francisco's would be Union Square. Yes, I've been shopping. However, while I was shopping in San Francisco, I was off tourist mode so I don't have any pictures I have personally taken out on the streets.

You should know that I have a fascination with Lolita fashion or Japanese street fashion in general. While I was heading to Union Square, I wandered into Angelic Pretty (I really didn't know where I was going until I walked up to it). It's a small boutique, split in half with Harajuku Hearts, so one half is mainly black and the other half is pink! Anyway, I actually took a look and walked around the block, only to come back to purchase a jumperskirt from them.

Warning: these photos are not very good quality since I took them in a hurry, and at night. The room I'm staying in is so dark, even in daylight.

I adore the little tarts on the print but the gingham…

Trends: Faux Fur Fawn Collars

So what's in trend at the moment is fur. As I've said before in a previous post, I'm not into fur and animal prints (That was when the leopard print trend emerged again in Australian fashion) It's not that I am an animal rights activist and I'm totally against fur. It's just that I've never taken a liking towards it. Of course, it's different when you're talking about leather (because I do like leather shoes and wouldn't mind a leather jacket).

However, I believe I've found an exception to this and it's the fawn print on faux fur.

This trend was in the Lolita community. Innocent World had released a fawn collar a while ago but I believe it is popping up again with seamstresses in the Lolita community selling them and in Mori Girl too. But even mainstream fashion has caught onto this with H&M having released one for their kids range. Of course, it maybe a one off thing for mainstream fashion.

Perhaps why I like this is because I have …