Thursday, February 23, 2012

Formal: Final Post

Hello there,

I realised that I have not posted anything regarding my year 12 formal from last year and I've just left it without an end. I actually did write a post but was unable to finish it before leaving for the US. I'm back in Sydney and with summer hopefully coming to an end, I'm also starting my first year of university, doing a degree equivalent to the pre-med programs they have in the US (we don't have anything called "pre-med" here).

 I didn't end up making a dress for the formal and my purchase was a last minute one. I ended up purchasing a lacy tea dress. My bad time management is to blame and my lack of motivation... I shouldn't make empty promises. Fortunately, I had some time to make my headband because I wasn't going to go unless I had something I had personally made on me. It's a ruched headband made of golden silk habotai and it was possibly the most difficult project I had ever done without a proper pattern. That means I had cut out a piece that was larger than the headband and was snipping a little here and there while sewing it, so I don't actually have a tutorial for this headband. Completely unprofessional, I know...

Silk habotai was hell to work with because it was quite slippery. I had made it a little stiffer using interfacing. I believe there are some people who hate silk with fusible interfacing but it saved so much time. I had put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (actually, just the sweat and tears. I really did cry over this headband and because of the fact that it was a hot day). After minutes machine-sewing and hand-embroidering and hours of hand-sewing, I ended up with this:

As for those pearls, they are actually freshwater pearls.

The finished result was a bit wonky because of my hand-sewing but it isn't too noticeable. I actually finished the headband the night before the day at one in the morning, so I was cutting it close.

My school formal was actually on the day of my birthday, so I had a full day of dressing up for the formal, having my make-up done and my hair being done up (even though it was just for the formal, it was nice to have it on my birthday). It was a cold day so I had a coat on...

I'm on the top left hand corner and these are all my friends. I was looking elsewhere... so it's not the best picture but it is the best picture to use to sum up the night.

The main course I was eating! The risotto underneath was undercooked and disgustingly strong (too much parmesan!)
Here's a picture of my hairdo after the night:

 Yes, I know it's messy but it was designed to be messy.

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