Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trend: Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

It has been released that next year's Pantone Colour of the Year will be Marsala -- a brownish red similar to that of Maroon which they describe as a "naturally robust and earthy wine red".

This is not a groundbreaking colour but it is an elegant choice. It's a colour that can go well with the interior of a house, in both male and female fashions and also in cosmetics with an autumn theme. Perhaps there'll be more of the dark lip in the summer months or colours of eyeshadow for spring in the colour of bruised fruit.

I can definitely see myself wearing this colour because it leans quite neutral and red is one of the prominent colours in my wardrobe. This was not the case for the current year's colour, Radiant Orchid. This year's colour prompted me to try more purple hues in my makeup but I was not too fond of the colour in clothing. Marsala is also easier to match with a variety of colours, whereas I found orchid to be more limited.

I hope to see more of Marsala in 2015.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: Baublebar

Just in time for the ball, I received my package from Baublebar. I purchased it but opted for a forwarding service so I could trial it instead of using their international shipping. I'll admit there wasn't any savings to using the forwarding service but this is ideal for shopping from websites that don't offer international shipping.

Baublebar generally offers a wide range of styles, perhaps most famous for how fashion savvy they are and consistently collaborate with celebrities, Youtubers, bloggers, designers and other individuals of note. When I saw the Phased Out Bangle Set from the Emma Roberts collaboration, I couldn't get my mind off of it and thought it would be a good birthday gift to myself. I don't normally spend that much money on costume jewellery either, so it was a little pricy for me.

The open box
The bangles
Closeup when worn 
When I worn them to the ball.
I liked how the bangles could be snapped into place and the shape of them are great for people who have small wrists (which I don't have much of a problem with). I had high hopes for the bangles and was slightly disappointed when I received them. They looked much better on the website but that's thanks to great lighting and a good photographer. Nevertheless, the quality of the jewellery is good but I'd say you get average value for money here.

I admire Baublebar as a company, providing great customer service and implementing a loyalty program. They have stylists available to match pieces of jewellery to what your style is. They also have a strong social media presence.

Would I repurchase? Probably not. They don't cater many designs to my taste. However, if I ever come across another piece that I love and cannot get my mind off, I would buy from them again.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Event: End of Year Ball

I attended the End of Year Ball held by the medical science society I am a member of. It was somewhat of a large gathering of students in various years of their program, majority of them in their 3rd year. We shared a meal and dessert before dancing to some music and drinking. So naturally at the end of the night, I looked like a miserable mess but I had a lot of fun.

Most people don't even notice the perfume but for me, the scent is the most important aspect of the outfit. I chose Guerlain Shalimar because it was just one of those scents perfect for a formal occasion. It smells a little bit old fashioned for a modern gathering like this but I loved it.

As for my clothes:
I'm the first on the right.

Clothes and accessories:
Necklace: ASOS
Bracelets: Baublebar Phased Out bangles and braided bracelet was a birthday gift
Top: Kmart
Skirt: Op Shop (Mr K)
Shoes: Miss Shop
Clutch - Marco Gianni

Since the clutch had limited space, I had to carefully choose what to bring. Of course, I needed my ID, my ticket, my phone and some extra cash. I kept my iPod in there too for the trip to and back. Lastly, I needed the lipstick I was wearing, a lip brush since I prefer a cleaner look for a red lip and some facial spray. The facial spray was heaven sent for someone who's just exited the dance floor all hot and sweaty and needed to cool down.

As for hair, I just made a haphazard attempt to curl it. Makeup-wise, I had planned out what I wanted a month prior.

Primer: Laura Mercier Oil Free
Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow in Fiji
Setting powder: Besame Violet Powder
Eyebrows: NARS Coconut Grove
Eyeshadow base: Maybelline Barely Branded Color Tattoo
Eyeshadow: Illamasqua Femme Fatale (all four colours)
Eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner
False lashes: Model Rock (with Duo glue)
Mascara: L'oreal False Lash Wings
Blush: Sleek Rose Gold blush
Bronzer: NARS Laguna
Highlighter: NARS Albatross
Lipstick: Illamasqua Maneater
Nails: Essie Ladylike

I'll miss them all.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Event: Birthday

For my birthday, I celebrated it like any other birthday -- with a dinner in the company of a few friends. Followed by a lunch the following day for those who were unable to attend the dinner.

My outfit for the day was:

Dress: Paper Scissors
Shoes: Doc Martens
Bag: Coach (mother's)
The festive season is finally here and I usually enjoy seeing the decorations of the Swarovski tree.

It's very tall. Spans over 3 levels

I thought I'd share the gifts I had received here. I'm ever so grateful for the things I was given. All of them had a lot of thought put into it, be it from the choice of wrapping paper, the time it took to make it, the words written on a card or even the gift itself took time to find.

Anti-clockwise from top left corner: vintage bracelet, Lush 'Let the Good Times Roll', birthday card, Batwoman Elegy, grater from Pylones, handmade bracelet, Truman Capote 'In Cold Blood'.
I also received a belated present after a week. My best friend got me a new corset. My first corset.

Aside from the gifts and the joy I shared with my friends, I learned more about them. Every time we gather, we catch up on good times. We learn of each other's concerns. We learn of our ambitions. Sometimes I feel like my birthday is simply yet another reminder that I have yet to accomplish the things I want but it also shows me how much of a support system I have with my friends.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celeb Style: Olivia Palermo

For a long time, I've admired Olivia Palermo's style. Even in the most bland outfits, she looks put together and it's probably because of her hair. It's how she mixes modern and classic together that seems so effortless that I fall head over heels for. Here are a couple of things I've noticed from her photos that I think I would keep in mind:


Opt for classic hues of lipstick. A pink/peach beige for something more casual. A red for more dressier occasions. Pink for spring. 

Drab to Fab

 To make a drab outfit fabulous, just put on one or two statement accessories.

Classic pieces never go out of style
 Be it a little black dress, a white shirt or some black pants, the classics will never go out of style. Definitely pair it up with some trendy items to keep it modern.

Fur also never out of style
 For ethical reasons, people opt for faux but it'll never go out of style and keep you warm in very cold weather.

Mixing different patterns and textures
 Always go for contrasting prints and textures when you attempt mixing. The more you want to mix, the less loud you want your patterns. Mixing your patterns also give off this look like everything was effortless.

Trends in moderation
Never go overboard with a trend if you wish to stay classy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Style: Lipstick Collection

I never thought there'd be a day when I actually have 10 lipsticks at a time.

Most of my lipsticks are from the mid-range and high-end brands. Not sure why I don't buy more lipsticks from the pharmacy because they often work just as well. Nevertheless, I do not mind spending a little more money on lipsticks because I reach for them daily. If there was only one makeup item I could only own, it would be a lipstick. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Inspiration: Catherine Deneuve - The Hunger

The Hunger (1983) is the last film collaboration Catherine Deneuve had with Yves Saint Laurent. 80s fashion suited the thousand-year-old Egyptian vampire, Miriam -- accessories were bold and flashy, the shoulder pads making one seem more confident and powerful. In fact, every time I use my YSL lipstick, I'm reminded of this movie -- something about YSL and the flashy gold packaging makes me recall this film.

This vampire movie had its flaws but I will acknowledge that it was beautiful, aesthetically speaking.

My favourite shots
Here are the highlights of the outfits:
First outfit: Possibly jumpsuit with belt, 80s Cat Eye glasses, drop earrings, leather gloves with eyelets
Very minimalist here with a navy blazer and white shirt. Love the raspberry lip. Flashy gold earrings here. 
Veiled hat, large stud earrings, white coat and a lizard brooch (love that detail; I believe in Ancient Egypt, lizards symbolise divine wisdom) 
Perhaps my favourite dress. A drop neckline with gold and navy or is it black?
Grey shirt with a black skirt?
Black dress with shoulder pads, low V neckline, drop earrings
Polka dot blazer/top, gem brooch
A couple close ups on jewellery/watches
Whilst I think Miriam was the most stylishly dressed, I got to give a shout out to Susan Sarandon's character, Sarah Roberts, especially at the end:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Recommendations: 3 Magazines to Look Out For

I don't read magazines regularly but once in a while, I'll purchase some. I'd like to recommend three magazines that I think have a good concept behind them.

Renegade Collective [link]

This is one of the new magazines that had caught my eye - mostly because of the design of the cover. The featured articles have a handwritten font and the magazine name is in a fashionable font like that of Vogue. To me, the image I got just from the cover and its articles is that it's a bit like a laid-back fashionable magazine, aimed for aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs and people in creative fields - pretty much exactly what their target audience is. It offers a variety of inspirational articles from people in various fields.

LARME [link]

This one offers a certain recognisable style. As far as I know, the look doesn't have a particular name. It's very much a pastel, girly, cute look that draws inspiration from fairy tales and mermaids -- sometimes, the outfits look more otome-kei and others are more AMO (who is a model featured in this magazine as well). They describe themselves as a 甘くてかわいい 女の子のファッション絵本」which roughly translates to sweet and cute women's fashion lookbook. 

Even if you cannot understand Japanese, it's still worth it for the beautiful photos and the off-beat kind of style that I love about Japanese fashion. There is more influence from 50s and 60s fashion when pastels were big and the whole look can be regarded as "sweet". 

Frankie [link]

This is aimed towards the 20-30 year old women, has a hipster vibe to it and is its own little niche. The typical reader is probably someone who lives in urban areas and is affluent but a little off-beat when it comes to style. I think it is similar to Yen (another Australian magazine) in terms of aesthetic but I cannot do a comparison since I have not had the chance to read an issue of Yen completely. However, I can quickly say that I think Yen is more fashion-based whereas Frankie offers more art and articles on creative minds. I don't love Frankie but I do respect the vision it has - particularly its quirk.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Sleek Blush

I decided to make a purchase from Sleek's website when they had their '15% off' offer so I could try their Rose Gold blush people have been raving about last year. Of course, the hype has died down but I'm still curious about Sleek as a brand and wanted to try them for myself. I purchased some items that are intended to be gifted and a blush for myself.

I chose their best selling blush, Rose Gold. It is often regarded as a dupe for NARS Orgasm but I cannot vouch for that. I can say that when applied, it does offer me a similar colour to NARS Deep Throat, in that it is a pink/gold blush except that the NARS one appears more pink and less shimmery than Sleek's Rose Gold, which appears a little peachier. Initially, I was worried that the shimmer might be a bit too much for me but I like the way it looks when it is applied.

 Overall, I had a positive experience. The shipping took a while but I was in no hurry to get my items.    I would purchase again if I want another blush but I think I've got enough blushes for now.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Inspiration: Rosemary's Baby

It's Halloween so I thought it would be appropriate to briefly address a classic horror film: Rosemary's Baby (1968). In terms of style, I think the most famous aspect featured in the film was the short pixie cut that Mia Farrow sported when her character, Rosemary, was pregnant. A new haircut for a new stage in her life.

Besides the haircut, I thought there were quite a few pieces of clothing or aspects of outfits that I admired. As much as I would love to say that the 50s was my favourite silhouette, I adore 60s Mod more so.

Here are my favourite aspects of the outfits:

 Maternity dresses - empire waist and baby-doll
I have no need for maternity wear as I'm not an expectant mother and I don't expect to be one any time soon but I thought a lot of those dresses were adorable with the empire waist and baby-doll. 
Especially the baby-doll.

Shift dresses

What would the mid-to-late 60s be without a shift dress?

Rosemary's wardrobe features florals and plaids. I believe the far left photo has a striped scarf. Something about plaids and florals whisper demure. 

Collar details

Lots of peter pan collars. I particularly liked the crocheted collar in the middle. Though the far right photo does not feature a peter pan collar, the collar is still an important detail of the dress.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inspiration: Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime; 海月姫)is an Japanese manga series featuring otaku (Japanese counterpart of geek but with more negative connotations). The otaku sisterhood Amars, along with a trendy cross dresser, form a fashion brand to raise enough money to buy their home back, which is facing the threat of redevelopment. They call the brand "Jellyfish" because Tsukimi (the main character) designed the dresses and drew inspiration from her favourite animal - Jellyfish. They create dresses that are more avant-garde in the beginning and attempt to develop a line of ready-to-wear, realising the challenges that come along with creating a new brand and generally speaking, entrepreneurism.

I have a soft spot for this manga. I adore jellyfish, though I don't fancy having them as pets (I hear they're quite finicky).

The live-action is to be out at the end of this year. My expectations aren't that high but that is because I don't like to place high expectations on what I watch.

There are a couple of outfits I love that Kuranosuke wears in the manga/anime. He definitely has a flair for style. Here's a few tips to gain:

1. Don't be afraid of a statement piece

2. Learn to accessorise

3. Experiment

3. Get a signature perfume

4. Shop within your budget

5. Don't let anyone get you down

In any case, I'm stoked for the live action. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Inspiration: Hitchcock's Leading Ladies

The Hitchcock blonde - perhaps one of the most iconic characters of his films. In this list, I've probably shown five of the most notable Hitchcock Blondes - the leading ladies who graced the silver screen. Grace Kelly is the ultimate Hitchcock Blonde - arguably the most beautiful. Ingrid Bergman was the better actress of them all. I adore Hitchcock's films, particularly how meticulous Hitchcock is to the details in his films. Combine that with Edith Head's artistry in costume design, it's no wonder that some of these films are the better known of his classics (Notorious, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Vertigo and The Birds).

Notorious (1946) 
Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman
This is the only Hitchcock film I have watched that features Ingrid Bergman as the leading lady. I should probably catch up on the other two she had made. I loved the wardrobe in the film because there were elements of androgyny from 40s fashion. Also I love how the dresses at the time would drape over the body.

Rear Window (1954)
Grace Kelly as Lisa Carol Fremont
This is perhaps my favourite Hitchcock film for a lot of reasons but concerning the wardrobe of Lisa Fremont, I loved the classic 50s silhouette and the floral patterns.

Dial M for Murder (1954)
Grace Kelly as Margot Mary Wendice
Colour symbolism was used in Margot's wardrobe. I admired how the colours of her clothing transition from vibrant in the beginning, to drab at the end, which help to support the story. I also loved the burgundy handbag.

To Catch a Thief (1955)
Grace Kelly as Frances Stevens
I loved the scenery in this film. I'd say this film was loaded with pastels and also, Kelly as Frances wore a black turban, which became one of the iconic accessories we associate with her, other than the Hermes Kelly bag.

Vertigo (1958)

Kim Novak as Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton
Vertigo is probably one of the more twisted Hitchcock films I've seen. Nevertheless, I loved the wardrobe, particularly the green dress in the middle above.

Psycho (1960)
Janet Leigh as Marion Crane
Psycho is perhaps Hitchcock's most famous film because it sprouted a whole franchise with a remake, a few sequels, a TV movie spin-off and a TV series after his death. Arguably the greatest Hitchcock film ever made. Although Janet Leigh was the star of the show (can't argue with the death scene and the use of a string orchestra), I'd still want to give an honourable mention to Lila.
Vera Miles as Lila Crane
The Birds (1963)

Tippi Hedren as Melanie Daniels
Bad special effects aside and the ridiculous idea of "killer birds", I really enjoyed this film. For the majority of duration of the film, Melanie Daniels wore one outfit only. That fur overcoat was worn over her green suit. Why green? Well, they drew parallels to the lovebirds. I'm assuming the birds' attack is like a prank, just like how Melanie enjoys a good prank or two. The suit was a classic boxy Chanel-esque one -- a timeless piece.

Marnie (1964)

Tippi Hedren as Marnie Edgar
The only film in which I have mixed feelings for -- I cannot tell if I love it or hate it. Why else am I writing about it? I love the concept of it: a sexually disturbed thief blackmailed into marriage. Freud. Sean Connery as the lead man. Everything's pretty good and I'd agree that it's one of Hitchcock's most underrated works. Yet something still falls short and I can't pinpoint it. I'm more curious about what's going in the mind of Connery's character. After seeing this film, I would dare to say Hedren rivals Kelly as the icy blonde.

Marnie's wardrobe once married was so beautiful. My favourite being the yellow dress. I also loved the nude pink lipstick she had on.