Saturday, December 6, 2014

Event: Birthday

For my birthday, I celebrated it like any other birthday -- with a dinner in the company of a few friends. Followed by a lunch the following day for those who were unable to attend the dinner.

My outfit for the day was:

Dress: Paper Scissors
Shoes: Doc Martens
Bag: Coach (mother's)
The festive season is finally here and I usually enjoy seeing the decorations of the Swarovski tree.

It's very tall. Spans over 3 levels

I thought I'd share the gifts I had received here. I'm ever so grateful for the things I was given. All of them had a lot of thought put into it, be it from the choice of wrapping paper, the time it took to make it, the words written on a card or even the gift itself took time to find.

Anti-clockwise from top left corner: vintage bracelet, Lush 'Let the Good Times Roll', birthday card, Batwoman Elegy, grater from Pylones, handmade bracelet, Truman Capote 'In Cold Blood'.
I also received a belated present after a week. My best friend got me a new corset. My first corset.

Aside from the gifts and the joy I shared with my friends, I learned more about them. Every time we gather, we catch up on good times. We learn of each other's concerns. We learn of our ambitions. Sometimes I feel like my birthday is simply yet another reminder that I have yet to accomplish the things I want but it also shows me how much of a support system I have with my friends.

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