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Event: Red My Lips 2015

Red My Lips is an organisation that runs a campaign every April to raise awareness about sexual violence. This year, I decided to take up on that challenge and wear red lipstick for the month. I invited one of my friends to join me because she loves red lipstick and could contribute to a cause. It also would push me to use some of the red lipsticks I own and finish off my Chanel.

I only had three lipsticks that I would consider "red":

I have yet to complete this challenge as the month is not over but so far, it has been a difficult endeavour.

Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo (62)

Easy to put on when you just want a little bit of colour. This is not a true red, more like a strawberry-pink/red. I wore this most of the time.

Day Out / Happy Medium Lipstick: Illamasqua Maneater

Great colour if you like something suitable for day time. It's a classic cherry red. Formula's a little dry but that is what I expect from a completely matte lipstick. I lik…

Event: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney 2015 - The Innovators

I was invited to see my friend's collection in The Innovators earlier this week and to support her. I thought it would be nice to share with you the photos from my view.  Her collection was under the eponymous label 'Onticha'.

Yeah, no crisp fashion shots here since it was all taken with a mobile phone camera. I wasn't even in my best outfit -- I came along with something I wear on a regular day. The only thing different was the makeup: my end-of-year ball makeup because one of my friends loved the look that she wanted to see it in person. Nevertheless, it was an exciting event because it was my very first experience of a fashion week. Also, I got to see my friends all glammed up for the event but I wasn't going to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Something I rarely ever say to myself but I knew it was a trek to the venue, especially on 4" heels.
Here are some photos I took of the place:

Here's some snippets of my friend's collection:

There were quite a…

Beauty: New Makeup Acquisitions

There had been a few good deals on for cosmetics recently, so I took advantage of them and picked up some.

I also wanted to replace the poor Stay Matte powder that shattered on me, all over the floor and into the bin when I tipped the compact to remove some small pieces that had broken off. Lesson learned. I know powder could be saved but I wasn't fond of having a concoction of powder, dust and hairs and I certainly was not going to save the powder that landed on a pile of snotty tissues.

Apparently, there are two types of packaging for the Stay Matte. One was designed to be a refill for compacts, with a hole at the back to allow for easy removal. That would've saved me the agony of prying into packaging and ripping out the plastic that surrounded the pan. I was particularly aggressive about the removal of the pan, hence why I had lots of trouble with my powder cracking.

Priceline, offered a 40% off all cosmetics promotion. They hold 40% off sales a few times a year. I picked …