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Scraps: Autumn Equestrian

I just want to make one little post before my exams (so... I suppose no posts for two weeks) and it'll be pretty short. 

So basically this is just a really random post because I was drawing to avoid studying for exams. I'm no art student nor do I have an artistic hand, so this is going to look pretty horrible but I am WAS proud of my colouring until it showed up weird when I scanned it! Also, I don't do anything fashion-related at school (I love my sciences...)

Going on a tangent, that just reminded me of the Ace Attorney games and this character called Ema Skye (in English), I think I'm more like her than any other character in terms of my interests, I mean she's so into science that she aspires to become a forensic scientist and you'll never see her out of her lab coat (personality-wise... not so much). Jeez, my geekiness kicked in.

 Actually, what I just drew looks like what she's wearing (except it isn't a uniform):
Blouse: check
Vest/Waistcoat: check

'Round the World #2: Dolly Kei

Hello there! 

I thought I would do a short post on Dolly Kei since it is so similar to Mori Girl - those styles pretty much revolve around vintage clothing. So basically Dolly Kei is mainly focused on an ethnic look. So it's more like an Gypsy/ Eastern European/ Russian doll look. To be honest, I'm pretty fond of this look - I think it's pretty cute. 

Don't you think it's rather cute? The colours are more vivid than Mori girl, so you have your forest greens, reds and purples, maroon but they're not over-the-top bright. You also have some earthen tones like brown and gold.

So, if you want to dress in Dolly Kei, think of Matryoshka dolls.

Photo credits: here & here

'Round the World #1: Mori Girl

I've been meaning to do a series of posts which focus on alternative fashion and so this will be the first post. I'm also aware that most alternative fashion are also lifestyles but I won't be going into that. This is my interpretation of the styles, so I'm deeply sorry if I get something wrong (some of them have strict rules). Partly why alternative fashion interests me is because fashion is used for making a statement. Just like mainstream fashion, they also have trends too but mainstream fashion relies on the runways to create trends.

Mori girl, 森ガール, (lit. forest girl) is a Japanese subculture (so it's more like a lifestyle). It focuses on being "natural" and I'd describe it as whimsical, woodland fairy-like and perhaps grandma-chic. It's basically  vintage clothing, knits and crocheted lace, loose-fitting dresses that reach below the knee (at least nothing way above the knee). Mori girl tends to be quite neutral in colour, so earthen tones …

Trend: Leopard Print

First of all, I have to say this: I was never a fan of animal themed trends, whether it be faux fur or animal print. It was just my personal preference.

I know it's a little late to be talking about this trend, seeing at it was a trend for fall/winter 2010-2011 but in Australia, we're late with trends. Leopard print is back and it's everywhere from blazers, cardigans, tops, dresses, skirts to bags, shoes and scarves - you name it.

Leopard print is quite daring and sexy, which doesn't really suit my style (I'm never daring... more conservative and striving for cute). However, I've changed my mind and I think it can be classy if worn correctly. 

Audrey Hepburn in a leopard print hat - an example of classy and cute.
I've also seen leopard print in dramas. I'm pretty sure Aria from Pretty Little Liars wore a leopard print cardigan (which I had posted in my previous post). Anyway, there's also Dream High's Suzy in a green leopard print sweater, which was…