Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scraps: Autumn Equestrian

I just want to make one little post before my exams (so... I suppose no posts for two weeks) and it'll be pretty short. 

So basically this is just a really random post because I was drawing to avoid studying for exams. I'm no art student nor do I have an artistic hand, so this is going to look pretty horrible but I am  WAS proud of my colouring until it showed up weird when I scanned it! Also, I don't do anything fashion-related at school (I love my sciences...)

Going on a tangent, that just reminded me of the Ace Attorney games and this character called Ema Skye (in English), I think I'm more like her than any other character in terms of my interests, I mean she's so into science that she aspires to become a forensic scientist and you'll never see her out of her lab coat (personality-wise... not so much). Jeez, my geekiness kicked in.

 Actually, what I just drew looks like what she's wearing (except it isn't a uniform):
Blouse: check
Vest/Waistcoat: check
Plaid skirt: check
Science lab coat:... I would like one though

So here's my little scribble:  

I wasn't prepared with a design in my head so you could see that I changed my mind when I started scribbling on the green with red, hoping to get a nice pattern until I decided to go for plaid. Nor did I bother colouring in the wonky shoes or the blouse. 

Also, it isn't a unique design (I didn't plan to draw my own design anyway) but it gives you a picture of what I think is stylish.

Markers: Copic (Yeah... really nice markers I got from a friend because my sister wanted them but she decided not to use them. When your art skills are pretty horrible, it doesn't do justice)
Paper: From my year 7/8 art diary... 

Picture credits: here

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