Saturday, September 26, 2015

Trend: Double Earrings, Ear Jackets and Ear Climbers

Ever since the Mise en Dior earrings were a hit, ear jackets and double-sided earrings have been on trend. The ones I find are right up my alley now are the ear jackets -- peekaboo earrings, under-ear earrings, front-and-back earrings are the other names I've found. Another variety of earrings I've been admiring are the ear climbers or ear crawlers -- designed to follow the curvature of the ear but only part of the curve, unlike an ear cuff that encapsulates the entire ear.

It's not a new concept to have an ear jacket to adorn an earring but it has been new to wear the jacket behind the earlobe. At first, I wasn't keen on these trends and thought it was tacky but I changed my mind. With the right pair, it could be sophisticated yet millennial-trendy.

Mise en Dior/ Dior Tribal Double Pearl Earrings

These were the earrings that changed my mind while I was browsing through trendy jewellery. I thought the marquise cut stones (acrylic of course) were very classy and everything is in good proportion. I loved how the stones fanned out under the lobe.
Cable Beach Under-Ear Earrings from Urban Outfitters Spring 2013 (no longer available)
I found some similar designs from Shinymix and Forever 21 but I'm fond of wearing sterling silver and higher karats of gold in my ears because I can be quite sensitive to cheaper metals. I found these plated sterling silver earrings. They're a little out of my price point though.
SHASHI Marquise Earring - USD$66 (here)
I'll continue looking for ear jackets, hopefully finding a design I like that falls within the price I would pay for trendy jewellery.

As for ear climbers, these I adore:

Urban Outfitters Delicate Rhinestone Ear Climber Earring - USD$20 (here)
You can clearly see I'm getting a kick out of marquise-cut stones. Again, they're a little out of my price range at the moment, especially with the exchange rate to AUD. In any case, I hope to find some earrings locally with designs I like just as much.