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Update: Social Networking

I apologise that I won't be writing a post this week and maybe the next. I'm preparing for a bigger post, which will take a while for me to finish (or at least, I believe it would be much bigger) and there's a mountain of school work waiting for me (well... there will be one if I don't start. It's already two weeks in.)

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about using twitter and other forms of social networking to promote this blog and get a little more personal with my readers. I'm a little late because I'm not the type to constantly post things up on any social networking medium. I've put up a link of my twitter elsewhere, as well as a tumblr which has nothing to do with fashion.

Here's my twitter:

'Round the World: Cult Party Kei

While I was attending the Harajuku fashion panel at SMASH!, they were discussing a style that I wasn't aware of: Cult Party Kei (as well as something called Magical Girl, but that's not what I'm talking about at the moment). I came in a little late so I didn't hear the whole talk.

Some describe Cult Party Kei as a style very similar to Dolly Kei but less of the Eastern European patterns and more solid and sheer fabrics. In both Dolly Kei and Cult Party Kei, there's lots of vintage clothing and layering. Personally, I think the difference is that Dolly Kei looks more like a matryoshka doll and Cult Party Kei looks like a rag doll.

The style originally came from a store called 'Cult Party' but now 'The Virgin Mary' has taken over. 'Grimoire' also sells garments that could be incorporated into Cult Party kei. With Japanese fashion, it's a lot of mix and match and you can experiment. Excluding Lolita, most styles don't have a particular …

Review: One Day in Paradise + Classical Puppets

So I made my first purchase from One Day in Paradise, which is an Australian Lolita supplier. I purchased a Classical Puppets petticoat from them because I needed one fast. I couldn't wait for the manufacturer to make me a petticoat and wait two months or more for it to arrive.

The packaging that it arrived it was nothing special. The petticoat was folded into a plastic sleeve.
It came along with their business card.

So overall, the shipping was 5/5. I received it on time when they shipped it on the 3rd and I received it on the 5th (of the same month), which was when they expected the package to arrive at my front door. The actual service, I'll give it a 4.5/5. I did feel like there was a lack of communication during my wait for the package to be shipped.

As for the petticoat itself, it's definitely poofy. I'm pleased with the petticoat and I don't really have anything bad to say about it except the fact that it's a little small (but that is because this was ma…

Event: SMASH!

If someone were to ask me what I've been doing during my winter break, I'd say that I didn't do much. I've been lounging around, being as lazy as I possibly could before I return back to school. I had dinner with some friends... and bought tickets to an anime convention.

SMASH! is the Sydney Manga and Anime Show for short and I've been wanting to go for years but I kept putting it off (I've had excuses from family events to school work). However, the convention does offer a little bit of fashion like Japanese street fashion and Steampunk. Unfortunately, I missed the Steampunk panel but I did make it for most of the Harajuku fashion panel held by Electric Alice.

During that event, they had four volunteers to put on a Lolita coordinate. Two people to dress up the other two, that is. The guy in the pink won. Doesn't he look pretty?

Of course, there was the mini fashion show but there were some problems with the music so they walked without it. I can't put…

Inspiration: NU'EST

K-pop is huge in Asia at the moment and it's already leaking into the western world. I do find myself occasionally listening to k-pop but I've found myself listening to the girl groups like SNSD, 2NE1 and T-ara. I've never really gotten into the boy bands until I came across NU'EST. They're merely rookies at the moment but I'm sure they'll go on to great things.

I suppose one thing that had caught my attention was that pink is in their colour schemes. You see them clad in pink in nearly every performance of "Face". Pink is definitely a colour that men have to be gutsy enough to wear.

Of course, there's the androgynous Ren. It's always the androgynous ones that get the most attention, especially in fashion (Andrej Pejic, anyone?). He's probably my favourite out of the group simply because I think he's adorable (not to the extent of pedonoona... that's just creepy even though he's only two years my junior). Because he's a…

Review: Tea Party Shoes + another purchase

I rarely haul things or go on a shopping spree but I'd thought I'd share these two purchases in a quick post.

Firstly, I received a package containing my purchase from Clobbaonline. I bought a pair of Secret Shop Tea Party shoes in white because white suits more sweeter styles of Lolita. I must say that the straps can get very annoying to put on but they're very cute.

The heel was good height for me. I can't wear flats because it would strain the back of my calf, so it must have a short heel about 2 cm. The construction of the shoe was good but I'm a little paranoid that I'll snap the straps off. It wasn't the most comfortable pair of shoes but that was partly due to the fit. I purchased it in L which would be perfect for a 24.5 cm foot but my feet were 24cm. Even with socks, it was a little loose.

Overall, the service would have been a 5/5 (the replies via email were quick) and the product would be a 4.5/5.

My second purchase: a pink coat with a detachable…