Sunday, July 15, 2012

Event: SMASH!

If someone were to ask me what I've been doing during my winter break, I'd say that I didn't do much. I've been lounging around, being as lazy as I possibly could before I return back to school. I had dinner with some friends... and bought tickets to an anime convention.

SMASH! is the Sydney Manga and Anime Show for short and I've been wanting to go for years but I kept putting it off (I've had excuses from family events to school work). However, the convention does offer a little bit of fashion like Japanese street fashion and Steampunk. Unfortunately, I missed the Steampunk panel but I did make it for most of the Harajuku fashion panel held by Electric Alice.

During that event, they had four volunteers to put on a Lolita coordinate. Two people to dress up the other two, that is. The guy in the pink won. Doesn't he look pretty?

Before the "mannequins" dress up
They've already put on their blouse.
Clearly you can see who the victor is. 

Of course, there was the mini fashion show but there were some problems with the music so they walked without it. I can't put up all the models because some were very blurry pictures. Even the ones I put up are of inferior quality. I'm sure they would post the official ones on their website or somewhere else. They ended the panel with a raffle. I didn't win anything. I'm never lucky when it comes to raffles.

While I was missing out on the steampunk panel (I didn't realise the time. There were so many stalls!), I walked to the Electric Alice stall to purchase some things. I should have made it clear that the steampunk panel was early in the morning and the Harajuku fashion panel was during the afternoon, before the convention ended. So in the morning, I was lurking around the stalls.

I ended up getting the 6% Doki Doki Metallic Milky Way Clip in light pink and gold. I've been wanting to get one of them for a while but I wasn't too keen on having to pay for shipping (seeing as Electric Alice is based in Sydney and I was going to SMASH!).

I also got the fluffy 2-way star clip as well. I believe it's from Chocomint.

It came wrapped up nicely in a pink-white striped paper bag sealed with an 'Electric Alice' sticker. They were nice enough to give me a pink balloon on a stick but that burst during the Voice Acting workshop and gave the people around me quite a fright. Especially the girl sitting right in front of me.

Anyway, you can find Electric Alice here:

There were lots of cosplayers and I thought I'd share some photos I took of them, even though they're not related to fashion.

I left the photo of my outfit last for those who were interested. It's probably the first photo of me in Lolita. It was quick photo so I was making a very strange face. It was a fun day but I was so tired at the end. 

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