Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Tea Party Shoes + another purchase

I rarely haul things or go on a shopping spree but I'd thought I'd share these two purchases in a quick post.

Firstly, I received a package containing my purchase from Clobbaonline. I bought a pair of Secret Shop Tea Party shoes in white because white suits more sweeter styles of Lolita. I must say that the straps can get very annoying to put on but they're very cute.

The cover of the shoe box. My package was wrapped in bubble wrap and a red polka-dot plastic wrapping with lots of sticky tape. 

The heel was good height for me. I can't wear flats because it would strain the back of my calf, so it must have a short heel about 2 cm. The construction of the shoe was good but I'm a little paranoid that I'll snap the straps off. It wasn't the most comfortable pair of shoes but that was partly due to the fit. I purchased it in L which would be perfect for a 24.5 cm foot but my feet were 24cm. Even with socks, it was a little loose.

Trying it on for the first time.
Overall, the service would have been a 5/5 (the replies via email were quick) and the product would be a 4.5/5.

My second purchase: a pink coat with a detachable fur collar. It was a bit of a splurge because this coat was not cheap but I got it for half price. I first wanted to get a cream coat but I knew that at first sight, it was a little bit small. The shop assistant insisted that I tried it on because she thought it definitely would fit but she was wrong. She suggested this pink coat and although it was the cream coat that caught my eye, I ended up leaving the boutique with this coat. If any Sydneysiders were wondering, I bought this coat from Fit B&b in Market City (Chinatown).

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