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Inspiration: NU'EST

K-pop is huge in Asia at the moment and it's already leaking into the western world. I do find myself occasionally listening to k-pop but I've found myself listening to the girl groups like SNSD, 2NE1 and T-ara. I've never really gotten into the boy bands until I came across NU'EST. They're merely rookies at the moment but I'm sure they'll go on to great things.

I suppose one thing that had caught my attention was that pink is in their colour schemes. You see them clad in pink in nearly every performance of "Face". Pink is definitely a colour that men have to be gutsy enough to wear.

Of course, there's the androgynous Ren. It's always the androgynous ones that get the most attention, especially in fashion (Andrej Pejic, anyone?). He's probably my favourite out of the group simply because I think he's adorable (not to the extent of pedonoona... that's just creepy even though he's only two years my junior). Because he's androgynous, the trends he is seen in could definitely be worn by women like the masculine look. He reminds me of Len Kagamine, the vocaloid because of the boyish look and the longish blond hair tied into a ponytail. Maybe they based his image off from him?

There are certainly pieces of his outfits that appeal to me:

I'm talking about the spiked headband, the spiked collar and the studded leather bracelets but it is the headbands that make him stand out. He's not the only one I think is stylish. There's also Minhyun with his high collar. I have no idea what it's actually called but it is certainly different and fresh (probably too dressy for street fashion though). Ren still has his bracelet, headband and leopard trim combo here.

Every member sports some studs and spikes. There's some chains as well as the pops of pink.
JR, the leader wearing a spiked pink fingerless glove.
 There's always elements of punk fashion in what they wear for "Face", their debut single. I doubt this is what they would choose to wear but personally I love the studs, spikes and chains.

Recently, they've released teasers for their next single "Action".

Here I see two skeletons and a mummy.
The punk-inspired look is gone but there's still signs of spikes and studs.

I'm not sure what to make of this teaser. I have a feeling they're going for a futuristic space kind of look with all the shine from the sequins and metals as well as the lights. There's some jackets with bold shoulders and even one with mirror tiles sewed on.

I'm indifferent about what I'm seeing from the teaser. There's nothing I really like about it but there is one thing I'm not liking at all: Ren's new hairdo.

Sure, it's fierce and edgy but... all I can really think of is:

Disclaimer: These pictures were taken off from google images at various sites. The Pinkie Pie artwork is from here


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