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Recommendations: Wayward

For those of my readers who read manga and want to venture off into the world of comics, I've come across a series that I think is a wonderful transition: Wayward.
I loved the first issue and I loved the second just as much. This comic had a gathering of fans before the release but it was after the first issue release that I came across it. I love how it features certain aspects of manga I'm familiar with - school and Japanese mythology. Definitely not straying too far from manga but still distinct enough to call it a comic.

I would not recommend this to younger readers - it is rated M for Mature and this rating is actually on the back cover. Initially I had no clue why it was rated mature except for the amount of violence featured in the first issue but the second issue raises self-harm and mutilation. Because of the sensitive nature of this theme, I now understand why this comic has the rating. It definitely shocked me because from my first impression of the cover I saw (whi…

Random: Spring

Sydney's now in spring. The other day, I took a stroll around the neighbourhood with my sister and found some trees still blossoming.  Honestly, I'm not spring-ready, even though a whole month has almost passed. Spring and summer are my least favourite seasons, even if they have the most holidays (Christmas and New Year's) and also my birthday's in Spring. The pastels, the bright colours, the hay fever and the stinking hot weather - I've never really enjoyed it. I just hope that these flowers can help inspire me. I'm feeling up for a bohemian vibe.

Event: IMATS Sydney 2014

Most people are familiar with IMATS if they follow beauty gurus from Youtube or other beauty bloggers because many of them attend this event. It's a trade show/ expo for makeup artists where vendors will offer their products, sometimes at a discount, and there's shows and competitions. I wouldn't consider myself a makeup enthusiast but I'm keen on picking up a few tips and I really wanted to get a few things.

I bought a general admission ticket for Saturday and it costed me AUD$40 (including the booking fee). I figured that most of the popular items would be sold out on the first day, so I chose to go on a Saturday (if you want to haggle prices, Sunday's probably better but I haven't mastered the art of negotiation). The plan was to go alone because I'd be able to get around faster and a lot of that time would be waiting in queues.

The venue was the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park, which isn't very far from the CBD but it makes going to the shops…

Event: Anberlin 2014 Concert

I purchased a ticket back in July for the final Australian Anberlin tour. This was before the release of their final album. I have been a fan of Anberlin for a while (back in high school, just before Cities had been released) and with further encouragement from my sister, I decided to buy a ticket. After all, they're probably not going perform together again.

Along with Anberlin, The Getaway Plan and Breakaway were performing. While I've listened to The Getaway Plan before, I had never heard of Breakaway and they were actually pretty good. A lot of people were probably just there for Anberlin and for me, getting to see The Getaway Plan was a bonus (because I really like them too).

It was held at the UNSW Roundhouse last week. Luckily I know my way around campus so I got in pretty early and left pretty quick. Before the performances, I managed to grab a T-shirt. It's probably the most expensive T-shirt I've ever bought but it's goddamn worth it for memorabilia.