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Accessory: Hats

Hats: they're one accessory I can't really get into. I never enjoyed having "hat-hair".

There are so many different hats on the market these days. Back in the mid-2000s, all I could remember were those Von Dutch trucker caps. In retrospect, they were hideous. I'll be forever thankful that my mother didn't let me get one of those.

One of the best hats for protecting your face from the sun are those gigantic floppy hats. Unfortunately, they end up looking like monstrosities eating my head. These hats are quite feminine and great for the beach. They're just one of the many hats I cannot pull off but I love them on people who can.

The fedora is one of those hats I adore on men. They're classy and masculine... or at least they were. I'm not sure why there's so much hate with the fedora lately. They're one of those hats that make you a bit more dressier.

Of course, it's easy to mix the fedora with the trilby. It has a shorter brim and not-s…