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Accessory: Hats

Hats: they're one accessory I can't really get into. I never enjoyed having "hat-hair".

There are so many different hats on the market these days. Back in the mid-2000s, all I could remember were those Von Dutch trucker caps. In retrospect, they were hideous. I'll be forever thankful that my mother didn't let me get one of those.

One of the best hats for protecting your face from the sun are those gigantic floppy hats. Unfortunately, they end up looking like monstrosities eating my head. These hats are quite feminine and great for the beach. They're just one of the many hats I cannot pull off but I love them on people who can.
Marilyn Monroe looking very elegant.

A Woodstock Hippie here... most likely.

Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) in a cute floppy hat that is perfect for the beach.

The fedora is one of those hats I adore on men. They're classy and masculine... or at least they were. I'm not sure why there's so much hate with the fedora lately. They're one of those hats that make you a bit more dressier.
From the Maltese Falcon.

Lily Collins
Of course, it's easy to mix the fedora with the trilby. It has a shorter brim and not-so-dressy. This is why the fedora's getting the hate. We confuse the trilby with the fedora and it's the guys who wear the trilbies who give it a bad reputation.

Rachel Bilson
Ren from NU'EST. I fell for that Jill by Jill Stuart hat. Of course, Ren's a looker too...

Cloches are those hats I wish I could wear but can't. Definitely vintage 1920s but on me, it looks like I'm a 9-year-old playing dress-ups. It makes my face look bigger and that isn't flattering when you've already got a big round face.

Clara Bow in a cloche.

Angelina Jolie in The Changeling

Blair Waldorf 
Strangely, bowler hats suit me. I like how quirky they are. They're also known as derby hats in the US. I can't help but to think of Charlie Chaplin when I see a bowler hat.

Keira Knightley

Recently I've seen bowlers with ears. They're adorable but I still prefer the plain old bowler. I'd feel ridiculous wearing anything with ears.

Then there's the porkpie - a shallow hat with a flat top that resembles a pork pie. This hat is not flattering on me but I'm slightly envious of those who can pull it off.

Lester Young

Mischa Barton

Snapback caps have been everywhere in street fashion. Normally you'd see this in Hollywood on hiphop singers but I'm seeing them on k-pop idols and even in Japanese street fashion models. I'm not much of a cap person though. In case I have to clarify, the Snapback cap has a flat brim while the trucker cap has a curved brim.

G Dragon

Ayumi Seto (Zipper model)
There's definitely one hat I really want to see hit the shelves: the top hat. Of course, I could only dream because it can easily cross the line into costume territory. They're a little bit too dressy for something casual but I'm all for dressy. Bring on the Mad Hatter.

Katsuragi Ryo from Liar Game 2 (played by Rinko Kikuchi)

Misty Day from American Horror Story: Coven (on right).


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