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Update: Layout & Life

If you've actually been reading my blog more than once, you'd realise that I'd finally changed my layout.

I thought the white background and minimalist header was getting boring so I made my new layout with the little spare time I had. It didn't quite worked out as planned but I think this will do. There's only so much you can do, sticking with the Blogger templates. This layout reminds me of the girly website I used to keep up in 5 and 6th grade (yes, I made a website with the basic knowledge I had of photoshop and html)

At the moment, I don't have much spare time. I've recently finished my assignments for the mid-semester but the examinations are coming up and I need to prepare for them. I would fix up this layout if I had the time to. Unfortunately, I may not be able to post for a while and I'm running out of inspiration too. Hopefully after this exam period, I'll be fresh again and start writing again.

Inspiration: Dream High 2

Following the success of the first Dream High, it appears that another season had been released with a new generation of stars-to-be. Probably by the time I publish this, the series has ended. I briefly mentioned the first Dream High in one of my trends posts way back but I thought I'd do one post on it for this second one since it has inspired me style-wise. I enjoyed watching the first season and when I found out that there was a second, I wasn't sure whether it would live up to the expectations I had for it. While I find it just as enjoyable, there are other fans who think otherwise. Anyway, if you were wondering, I'm not a huge k-drama viewer. I've probably only watched 5 k-dramas before

One of the characters with great style is 'Rian' (other translations go by Leeann, Lian, etc.) played by T-ara's Jiyeon. She's sassy, a bit of a princess or diva and kinda bitchy. What I loved most was the 'liberty' studded headbands (it looks like the Stat…

Purchase: Fawn Fur Collar

A few posts ago, I was going on about the fawn fur collar. I've got my hands on one now! This one was commissioned from Bathina who can also be found here if you wish to get one yourself. I ordered this while I was in the US and it took approximately two weeks to be made, then another two weeks to arrive at its destination (in my hands!).

The envelope itself was nothing special. Looked just like any other package except with patterned tape:

As soon as I opened it, I was happy. It was all wrapped in a clear plastic bag. The music sheet gave it a nice touch. The little tag had cleaning instructions on it and "Danke".

Unfortunately, the bag itself was sealed with a LOAD of sticky tape and it was difficult to unwrap it neatly. I accidently ripped a bit of the music sheet when I was interrupted. It was still in that plastic bag... so the packing could've been a little more durable. The bag it was wrapped it was more like plastic film.

After a while I managed to open it. …

Trends: Spring 2012 colours

For spring 2012, pastels had appeared on the runways and down to the fashion chain stores. While it may not apply to Australians now, since we're heading into autumn, the chances are high for this trend coming down under. Be it shoes, cardigans, blazers, trousers or tops, you're bound to see them everywhere this spring. So be prepared this spring, it'll be overly sweet like the colours of macaron shells.

There were many colours that were featured frequently in the runway shows. Be it pastel or neon, spring is all about colour and the runways have shown an array of colours that if I were to write down a list of all common hues, I'd be reporting on practically every colour of the rainbow. So here are my favourite colours:

Tangerine: If you want to show off your confidence this spring, put on a nice tangerine dress, blazer or sweater as this bright colour surely would catch the eyes of others. However, if you're not into the brights, perhaps a pastel orange would work…

'Round the World #5: Fairy Kei

It's been a while since I've written one of these posts...

Fairy Kei is a pastel and neon 80s Revival street fashion with influences from Decora and Sweet Lolita. It is perhaps one of the more recent styles to pop up in Japanese street fashion and often features children's cartoons such as My Little Pony and Carebears. So bring out the legwarmers, the tulle petticoats or polka dot skirts, converses (or your docs... any 80s shoe) and go OTT with accessories such as fuzzy star clips with dangling charms, little bows, etc.

Fairy Kei allows you more freedom to dress as you could lean towards Sweet Lolita or Decora or even have some punk in their outfit. There is no large set of rules one must abide by. As long as it's mainly pastel and 80s inspired, it's Fairy Kei.

This style was one of the styles featured on Australia's Next Top Model, cycle 6.

Some Fairy Kei featured on Japanese magazines...

Have you fallen in love with Fairy Kei yet? It doesn't suit everyone…