Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspiration: Dream High 2

Following the success of the first Dream High, it appears that another season had been released with a new generation of stars-to-be. Probably by the time I publish this, the series has ended. I briefly mentioned the first Dream High in one of my trends posts way back but I thought I'd do one post on it for this second one since it has inspired me style-wise. I enjoyed watching the first season and when I found out that there was a second, I wasn't sure whether it would live up to the expectations I had for it. While I find it just as enjoyable, there are other fans who think otherwise. Anyway, if you were wondering, I'm not a huge k-drama viewer. I've probably only watched 5 k-dramas before

One of the characters with great style is 'Rian' (other translations go by Leeann, Lian, etc.) played by T-ara's Jiyeon. She's sassy, a bit of a princess or diva and kinda bitchy. What I loved most was the 'liberty' studded headbands (it looks like the Statue of Liberty). I think it's girly and channels a bit of the rocker chic. Perhaps it is Rian's signature accessory since she has been wearing them a lot. She did wear a caramel/beige one and a hot pink one.

The punk stud headbands are probably chosen to resemble a crown or tiara to fit her "princess" personality with a hint of rebelliousness (she was going off trying to do her own thing before she was found out). I could be reading too much into it though. She wears tiaras too.You can find her hot pink headband here but I'm not sure about the beige one.

Another trademark of hers (probably doesn't stand out as much) is fur coats. I'm not too fond of fur but it does fit that pampered and luxurious kind of life she lives, or to show her status (she is an idol after all).

Then there's Lee Seul, the president's daughter. I found it hilarious how she was able to pull apart an apple with her bare hands and how she used it as a method of intimidation. Of course, getting back to the style...

She's the rebel, I reckon. It's not really her style that got me. I just think she's pretty and I do like her boots. (I swear at one of the episodes, she was wearing lavender Doc Martens)

She's in the second from the left, without the bucket over her head
 I loved how she looked before their couple performances. The pink and black dress is really pretty on her but what I loved about this outfit was the choice of accessories.

Lastly, I would also have to mention the main character, Hye Sung (or Hae Sung). She's the preacher's daughter and has a terrible singing voice, so you can imagine her struggles to become an idol. She can be quirky at times. Especially in her angel costume...
I noticed that she has quite a feminine style sometimes, with a dainty headband and a tulle skirt. You can see her wearing a tulle skirt in the poster and a few times in the show. For the "Cinderella" outfit, I love the orange jacket and the yellow tulle skirt but I don't really know about the tights. As much as I like mustard, I can only see it appropriate for blazers or sweaters.

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