Saturday, March 17, 2012

Purchase: Fawn Fur Collar

A few posts ago, I was going on about the fawn fur collar. I've got my hands on one now! This one was commissioned from Bathina who can also be found here if you wish to get one yourself. I ordered this while I was in the US and it took approximately two weeks to be made, then another two weeks to arrive at its destination (in my hands!).

The envelope itself was nothing special. Looked just like any other package except with patterned tape:

As soon as I opened it, I was happy. It was all wrapped in a clear plastic bag. The music sheet gave it a nice touch. The little tag had cleaning instructions on it and "Danke".

Unfortunately, the bag itself was sealed with a LOAD of sticky tape and it was difficult to unwrap it neatly. I accidently ripped a bit of the music sheet when I was interrupted. It was still in that plastic bag... so the packing could've been a little more durable. The bag it was wrapped it was more like plastic film.

After a while I managed to open it. I was pleased with the product itself. It was well sewn. The fur was okay. It's not too thick for the Australian weather and the hairs would come out if I were to pinch it out (just like any fake fur). I love the scalloped lace on it because it makes it extra girly.

There was also the brand and a deer picture print on the lining. It's a bit hard to see but oh well. I took these pictures around sunset so the lighting wasn't great. Also, it's hard to see pink against beige.
It's very wearable and in trend now for fall/winter (with the fur thing still going on), so I'll be wearing this a lot.

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