Monday, March 5, 2012

'Round the World #5: Fairy Kei

It's been a while since I've written one of these posts...

Fairy Kei is a pastel and neon 80s Revival street fashion with influences from Decora and Sweet Lolita. It is perhaps one of the more recent styles to pop up in Japanese street fashion and often features children's cartoons such as My Little Pony and Carebears. So bring out the legwarmers, the tulle petticoats or polka dot skirts, converses (or your docs... any 80s shoe) and go OTT with accessories such as fuzzy star clips with dangling charms, little bows, etc.


Fairy Kei allows you more freedom to dress as you could lean towards Sweet Lolita or Decora or even have some punk in their outfit. There is no large set of rules one must abide by. As long as it's mainly pastel and 80s inspired, it's Fairy Kei.

This style was one of the styles featured on Australia's Next Top Model, cycle 6.

Some Fairy Kei featured on Japanese magazines...

Have you fallen in love with Fairy Kei yet? It doesn't suit everyone's tastes but I personally like anything girly, quirky and cute. The very basics you can ever get to in Fairy Kei: just put on a printed tee of a children's cartoon and a tulle petticoat/skirt and some cute tights, some pastel converses or docs and you're pretty much done.

Some brands that cater for the Fairy Kei style include 6%dokidoki (which I adore ♥) and Spank!

If you're thinking that this is too childish, this is probably not for you. Keep in mind that 'cute' is the Japanese 'sexy' (what most women want to achieve when it comes to their appearance).

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