Saturday, April 18, 2015

Event: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney 2015 - The Innovators

I was invited to see my friend's collection in The Innovators earlier this week and to support her. I thought it would be nice to share with you the photos from my view.  Her collection was under the eponymous label 'Onticha'.

Yeah, no crisp fashion shots here since it was all taken with a mobile phone camera. I wasn't even in my best outfit -- I came along with something I wear on a regular day. The only thing different was the makeup: my end-of-year ball makeup because one of my friends loved the look that she wanted to see it in person. Nevertheless, it was an exciting event because it was my very first experience of a fashion week. Also, I got to see my friends all glammed up for the event but I wasn't going to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Something I rarely ever say to myself but I knew it was a trek to the venue, especially on 4" heels.
My two glamorous friends, all dressed up to support Onticha. I had to get their shoes in the shot.
The designer's in the middle.
Here are some photos I took of the place:

Here's some snippets of my friend's collection:

There were quite a few pieces from other designers that I really enjoyed and thought it would be nice to share:

Mat Lee
Jai Saunders
Jack Huang
Jai Saunders
I've been a little hesitant to show this photo since it's so blurry but if you can catch Jack Huang's first piece on a photo gallery somewhere, it definitely speaks for itself.

Jack Huang's opening piece
After the show, some staff were handing out goodie bags to everyone around and it contained some sample-sized products from Redken and a tube of Papaya Ointment, which can be used as a lip balm because it has a lip applicator. It also contained a portable phone charger, which I thought was a very thoughtful gift, especially for the tech-savvy fashionistas going around all day.

I enjoyed the experience very much. I saw some familiar faces of prominent fashion bloggers and even Jessica Mauboy (Australian singer).

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