Saturday, November 8, 2014

Recommendations: 3 Magazines to Look Out For

I don't read magazines regularly but once in a while, I'll purchase some. I'd like to recommend three magazines that I think have a good concept behind them.

Renegade Collective [link]

This is one of the new magazines that had caught my eye - mostly because of the design of the cover. The featured articles have a handwritten font and the magazine name is in a fashionable font like that of Vogue. To me, the image I got just from the cover and its articles is that it's a bit like a laid-back fashionable magazine, aimed for aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs and people in creative fields - pretty much exactly what their target audience is. It offers a variety of inspirational articles from people in various fields.

LARME [link]

This one offers a certain recognisable style. As far as I know, the look doesn't have a particular name. It's very much a pastel, girly, cute look that draws inspiration from fairy tales and mermaids -- sometimes, the outfits look more otome-kei and others are more AMO (who is a model featured in this magazine as well). They describe themselves as a 甘くてかわいい 女の子のファッション絵本」which roughly translates to sweet and cute women's fashion lookbook. 

Even if you cannot understand Japanese, it's still worth it for the beautiful photos and the off-beat kind of style that I love about Japanese fashion. There is more influence from 50s and 60s fashion when pastels were big and the whole look can be regarded as "sweet". 

Frankie [link]

This is aimed towards the 20-30 year old women, has a hipster vibe to it and is its own little niche. The typical reader is probably someone who lives in urban areas and is affluent but a little off-beat when it comes to style. I think it is similar to Yen (another Australian magazine) in terms of aesthetic but I cannot do a comparison since I have not had the chance to read an issue of Yen completely. However, I can quickly say that I think Yen is more fashion-based whereas Frankie offers more art and articles on creative minds. I don't love Frankie but I do respect the vision it has - particularly its quirk.

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