Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update: San Francisco

New York's got Fifth Avenue, Paris has the Champs Élysées, Sydney's probably the Pitt St Mall and San Francisco's would be Union Square. Yes, I've been shopping. However, while I was shopping in San Francisco, I was off tourist mode so I don't have any pictures I have personally taken out on the streets.

You should know that I have a fascination with Lolita fashion or Japanese street fashion in general. While I was heading to Union Square, I wandered into Angelic Pretty (I really didn't know where I was going until I walked up to it). It's a small boutique, split in half with Harajuku Hearts, so one half is mainly black and the other half is pink! Anyway, I actually took a look and walked around the block, only to come back to purchase a jumperskirt from them.

Warning: these photos are not very good quality since I took them in a hurry, and at night. The room I'm staying in is so dark, even in daylight.

I adore the little tarts on the print but the gingham does make it difficult to spot out the tarts and is a little bit too much for the print. However, I adore Angelic Pretty's prints and I'm glad I now own one of their dresses. It's pretty much a work of art hidden within the gingham.

Of course, there's Baby the Stars Shine Bright and h.NAOTO in the "New People" building, located in Japantown. It felt like I was walking into an art gallery the first time I visited. It's a shame there's nothing like this in Sydney. I also bought a jumperskirt from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I love their Alice and the Pirates (AatP) line but I have yet to find something I think is worthy of purchasing from the store from that line. While I was visiting this store with my sister, she pointed out an AatP nightgown (I believe it was a nightgown because it was like a long cutsew) and said "Buy this!". She'd prefer it if I don't wear Lolita in public, unless I was lurking around in Japan or in the city. Despite that fact, she adored the designs of AatP but she could never justify spending that much money on a garment for herself (I'm talking about a girl who's happy in jeans and a t-shirt and doesn't care what brand her clothing is). The good thing having her around is that she gives me a reality check and keeps me in line when I go "kid in a candy store" mode in a Lolita boutique.

I still have an obsession with plaid/tartan and it's been like this since childhood. I'm always drawn to this pattern so the first thing I'll ever walk up to or notice first thing I enter a store is a garment with plaid/tartan. If only I can shake this habit off...

What I love about these little "boutiques" is the service I get. The shop assistants are often friendly and while I was shopping at Baby, the shop assistant offered to put the clothes I select in the change room. They also wrap up your purchase nicely in pink tissue paper, so you'd stand there for a little while waiting for them to finish.

Whether it is a good thing or not, most Lolita brands only offer one size. This is why dresses tend to be shirred (either fully or at the back). In my case, I believe it's a good thing because it can fit onto your body because I tend to find that dresses that don't have shirring either have too small of a waist or too big of a bust on me.

As for my other purchases, I just bought a Calvin Klein dress, a pair jeans from Tommy Hilfiger and a lace and cable sweater in emerald green. They're not really that special. 

I plan to go shopping again once more in San Francisco before I return to Sydney because I haven't actually entered the h.NAOTO store. Also, I'm hunting down more Lolita items before I leave... but I'm worried it might not fit into my luggage. 

Perhaps the next time I post, I'll be back in Sydney safe and sound. 

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