Saturday, August 2, 2014

Random: Mid-year Break

Sometimes, you just need a break from things. I'm back for the second semester now but this was how I spent my break:

I visited a friend at her place and she curled my hair. I also got to try one of her corsets. It was quite flattering but I don't have a picture because it was ridiculous to wear a corset over a jumper/sweater. She introduced me to the Lego Movie (we never finished it).
The curls have loosened up by that time.
I happened to pick up a Maybelline BB cream... and that was my half-finished painting behind it. It's finished now. I haven't painted in a while and wanted to get in touch with my artistic side (sarcasm)... I just felt like painting. This is not an original work. I was never good at painting so I followed a tutorial here. Nevermind that, I never honed my skills so my artistic skill is the same as my 12-year-old self.

However, I did sketch this (for fun) while I was supposed to be studying for my finals. I started drawing a person and it ended up being a... purple-haired magician/fairy thing (sorry for not being articulate enough to describe this creation).

On second thought, I may have been channeling Emilie Autumn (Enchanted era) unconsciously.

I read books and comics and drank lots of tea. I knitted.

I'm also working my way to being a recluse.

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