Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: Studded Headband

So a little while ago, I had posted up on Dream High 2 and expressed my love for the studded headband. Well, I purchased one from Vintage Hollywood, a brand that a lot of Korean celebrities are spotted wearing.

There aren't many blog posts/ reviews of any purchases from Vintage Hollywood out there (at least in English) and I thought it would be helpful if I had written up one myself, in case if any of you out there have stumbled upon this site or a lured in by what Korean celebrities wear.  It was only recently that Vintage Hollywood had opened up to the international market so that may be why there aren't many reviews out there.

Navigation/Communication: Firstly, when you access the website, you'd be a little intimidated if you cannot understand Korean but there is a link to help those to navigate the website under "Are you a foreigner? Check it out!" This can be accessed from a marquee on the top of the page or by clicking "CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!" which would provide you a list of announcements.

 You can also send emails to ask any questions if you have any problems. Let's just say that I had asked a ton of questions because this was before they had added pictures to help you navigate. Another tip is that you should use Internet Explorer. I had a lot of problems because I was using a different web browser.

They responded very quickly through email (of course, in English) and even contacted DGG for me when I had some problems about not receiving an email about the international shipping. Their English is fairly good and much more coherent than some non-English web-shops.

Navigation: 4/5
Communication: 5/5

Shipping: It was fairly quick because I got it within a week of paying for the international shipping. Of course, the packaging was like the usual envelope and bubble wrap. They give you a drawstring bag with your purchase in it, which I thought was nice.

Product: As for the actual headband, it was much heavier than I thought it would be. I did not expect that the actual headband would be metal, other than the studs. I believe the hot pink material used is faux leather. Ignoring the fact that it's quite heavy, it is beautifully made and good quality.

As for the pricing of the actual product, I would say that it's a little on the pricy side for a headband. The studded headband costed 39,800 won. There are similar designs of this headband out there that are cheaper than what is offered but I personally liked the hot pink, which I couldn't find anywhere else.

There were variations on this particular headband. You could pick the hot pink one and silver studs, textured black with gold studs, khaki with gold studs or the plain black with silver studs (like the one that Hyuna wore in 'Troublemaker").

For that, I give it a 8/10.

Here is a picture of me wearing the headband.


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