Sunday, April 22, 2012

'Round the World #6: Gyaru (Gal)

Gyaru (Gal) fashion is probably one of the older styles in Japanese street fashion. There are many branches: kogal, ganguro and himegyaru to name a few. It reached the peak of its popularity in the 1990s and has declined since the 2000s. Some Gyaru brands include: Liz Lisa and Cecil Mcbee but it isn't not limited to those brands as luxury brands are also coordinated in gyaru (Gucci, Chanel, etc).

Gyaru is simply the Japanese take on western fashion with the bleached hair, dramatic makeup and the artificial tans, appearance-wise. Wigs, false eyelashes and artificial nails are also used in excess. Circle lenses are also used to create the illusion of larger eyes. However, Gyaru fashion has taken a turn lately and become more natural, opting for darker hair.

 Gyaru, unlike most styles, doesn't have to be all glam or just cutesy. You can be cute or sexy or even both at the same time. You have a lot more choice when wearing this style of street fashion compared to many of the others.

This style began from a rebellious movement against beauty ideals in Japan: bleaching their dark hair, curling their naturally straight hair, tanning their skin instead of having pale skin. Note to mention this style appeals to young adults or teenagers: the age of rebellion.

You can easily dress up or tone down. Here are some examples of more toned down looks for everyday:

More dressier outfits:

Scans taken from Ranzuki, Popsister and Egg (popular Japanese magazines with gyaru styles).

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