Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trend: Flower Accessories

In Australia, spring has already crept in and it's nearing summer. There is a reason why I love looking at accessory trends: they don't change as regularly as clothing. Headbands are still in. Feathers are are still there (with Melbourne Cup drifting in, there's no reason why you wouldn't see them) And now, there's flowers. I don't mean floral patterns on headbands or gold earrings in the shape of a flower but rather fake flowers chained up into one: the realistic look.

Floral garlands have popped up in Sportsgirl, from simple designs to more elaborate ones. More hair accessories from Diva. I can imagine those garlands being worn at a concert or a nice casual day out but even I hesitate to try this trend. Those garlands could even be used for a wedding, if the flowers were white. 

The two accessories on the far right from Diva. The rest are from Sportsgirl.
Although it hasn't hit stores, it can also be in the form of jewellery. In etsy, there are heaps of designs. 

I love how realistic the leaves look. From here

So if you wish to try out this trend, I'd recommend you wear it with something flowy: following the hippie trend that's in now. Try white or subtle colours like pastel or earthy tones to avoid clashing with bright multi-coloured flowers (despite the fact that colour blocking is in... I don't think it works with accessories like these).

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