Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thoughts: Sephora coming to Australia

This article has been released a while but it appears that Sephora is planning to open a store here in Sydney. This piece of news is something many girls are excited about, including myself. We all hope that it will bring some competition and drop the prices of makeup here but realistically speaking, I don't think that's going to happen.

On the bright side, my friends will finally know what Sephora is. I bought some of them makeup last time I was in the US and they had no idea what Sephora was. Urban Decay and Tarte will hopefully be available to Sydneysiders and perhaps the rest of Australia via post before you make your way around. I'm not sure if it'll sell NARS and Stila since Mecca's already a stockist here.

It was updated that it'll be in Sydney CBD Westfield (Pitt St Mall). Rent is very expensive in the Pitt St Mall, but if it's going to be as crazy as I think it'd be (along the lines of the Zara and Topshop openings), it's coming here to stay. Hopefully Uniqlo and H&M, which has already opened in Melbourne, will come here to Sydney.

I'm not a frequent customer to these hyped-up stores but I like having variety and more options when I shop around. I also like watching how the crowds just gather, fill the entire shop and clear out their stock. I've walked in and out of those stores so many times because nothing appealed to me. There'll always be something that isn't quite right for me and it's usually because the quality isn't that great for the price. There's only one place I joined the queues for and that's Ladurée.

Sorry Topshop, I'll probably never be wearing you ever. There's only that one time I bought something for a gift. Zara, I've been walking into your store staring at the same blazer. Everything looked great about it. I hesitated at the price but I kept coming back until the moment I approached that beast and unzipped the zipper. I thought there'd be a pocket but it was just mere decoration.

There was also that one parka with the faux leather sleeves and detachable fur lining but as soon as I tried it on, it felt as heavy as lead aprons. For Sydney weather? No. As for the knitwear, no thanks. I play the guessing game where I look at it and feel, then guess the fibre and if it's a blend and I check. I'm almost always right. It's a lot of fun but those pieces are not worth the prices you set here at RRP.

Maybe Sephora will be something I'll really get excited over. Although, I'm not a huge fan of Urban Decay...

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