Saturday, March 28, 2015

Inspiration: Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue

Ruby Red (Rubinrot) and Sapphire Blue (Saphirblau) are movie adaptations to the books in the Gemstone trilogy by Kerstin Gier. The general setting of the films were gorgeous. Some of the costumes were also very beautiful. While it is not a must-see film, I thought it was pleasant enough to pass the time.

Gwendolyn Shepherd is the self-proclaimed Black Sheep of the family and comes from a lineage of time-travellers. On her 16th birthday, she discovered that she had the ability to time-travel. This had complicated matters for everyone because it was generally believed that her cousin, Charlotte, had inherited the ability and trained for many years in preparation.

Gwen has the rocker-chic edge in her wardrobe, from the choker to the jacket. She's without the studded shirts and jackets, or her plaids. Don't forget the black eyeliner. It really makes her bright blue eyes stand out.

As the "Ruby", she has a lot of reds and pinks in her wardrobe. I love that red polka dot coat in the first film.

She also manages to keep her style in her school uniform with pops of red and her pinkish accessories.

Leslie Hays is Gwen's best friend. Her style is a little more colourful and 'pop'. She also wears quite a few reds and pinks. It's probably to symbolise their close alliance. Leslie's the brains that backs Gwen up with the in-depth research. I also noticed that both Leslie and Gwen wear things with stars on them.

The cousin, Charlotte Montrose, is your typical privileged princess and it shows through in her wardrobe. Everything about her wardrobe is very classic, clean and sometimes a little retro.

When in her school uniform, she rarely strays from the uniform code. She's the type to uphold traditions and not question authority, so it's not very likely that she'd wear something as outrageous as Gwen or Leslie.

My favourite outfit was the dress she wore on her 16th birthday -- a very retro 50s-style Kelly-Green gingham dress.

Her other cousin, Lucy Montrose, had inherited the gene and was the "Sapphire". A lot of her wardrobe consists of shades of blue. She had run away from home and maintains a life in the early 20th century, so she's not normally in modern-day clothes.

Here's a screenshot of a scrapbook with photos of those who inherited the gene for time-travel:

Now that the girls are done, let's talk about Gwen's mother, Grace Shepherd. She's got a bohemian vibe in her wardrobe with muted yellows, burnt oranges, khakis but you'll also see hints of coral, teal and rich purples in her outfits. She also remains quite classy with her shirt dresses, wrap dresses and that beige coat. She too is somewhat of a rebel, straying away from the classic clean clothes that the rest of the family wears.

I'll admit the third outfit is perhaps one of my favourites and there are quite a few renditions throughout the two films. I love that bag -- it's a beautiful pattern.

If you're interested, go ahead and check out the films but don't expect much from them. I watched Rubinrot in English dub, which was amusing because it's clear that they wanted a satirical version of your typical movie based off from a YA series. The dub doesn't quite sync well with the mouth movements of the actors but I've seen worse. Even without the dub, the original was never intended to be serious either. Then you've got the Time Warp in the second film:

Don't worry, it's not the English dub. It's just the German actors speaking and singing in English.

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