Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beauty: Miss Dior Le Parfum

Miss Dior Le Parfum is the newest addition to my perfume collection and I'm officially going to be on a low-buy for the rest of the year for all my skincare, cosmetics, makeup and fragrances. I've had my eye on this fragrance for over a year and have debated in my head countless of times until I finally went out and bought it with a friend, who also wanted and loved the fragrance.

I have been holding onto my sample of Le Parfum for a while now, using it sparingly and whenever I wanted to be reminded of the scent, as well as taking a spritz from the counter every once in a while. This flanker of Miss Dior is the only one I like so far, aside from the original Miss Dior Cherie. While I do enjoy the original Miss Dior, I'm speaking of Cherie and its evolutions.

It was an expensive purchase but like with any perfume, it's an investment. The more quality oils and the more concentrated, the pricier it is. Miss Dior Le Parfum oozes sophistication and sensuality with the rose and warm amber notes but still maintains that modern girl backbone that comes from the Miss Dior Cherie 2011 by Francois Demachy.

Miss Dior EDP and Le Parfum are siblings. Le Parfum's the older sister, the sophisticated individual who still knows how to have a little bit of fun. EDP is the younger sister, a sweetheart but a little bit of a Plain Jane.

I miss the original Miss Dior Cherie these days. The spirit of Christine Nagel's original will forever live in my heart but Miss Dior Le Parfum is next best. It has the remnants of the warmth and sweetness of the original.

In my opinion, there's only one aspect that Miss Dior Le Parfum trumped over the Nagel original and that's how smooth the fragrance is. Perhaps the Nagel was too complex for my teenaged nose but while I loved the popcorn, caramel and strawberry leaf notes from the original, the fragrance didn't win me over. It was a tad too sweet for my teenaged nostrils but I liked it enough to consider it as a potential birthday gift for myself. These days, I wish that Miss Dior still had the sourness of the strawberry leaf. That was my favourite part but back to Le Parfum.

If you ask me, Miss Dior Le Parfum is the perfect date night perfume when you just want to be a little bit romantic and feel a bit classy.

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