Saturday, August 22, 2015

Event: Sydney Tea Festival

Last Sunday, I attended the Sydney Tea Festival. The Tea Festival is an annual event that allow tea enthusiasts to indulge in a day of tea-tasting with established brands and shops down to the indie online stores, browse through ceramics and homeware or participate in some tea ceremonies and other workshops.

I first heard of it last year but I had just missed it and was sorely disappointed. Luckily, I hadn't missed this year's and I made it a date with my friends. I saw a gathering of Lolitas there too, to which my friend asked me why I didn't show up in my gear. I've kind of moved on -- I still have my attachments to certain Lolita aesthetics but I'm not wearing my clothes anymore.

I got there about lunchtime, so it was very busy. When I left, it was probably busier because it was a struggle to even get to the counters. I had to restrain myself, so I kept myself to a budget. The prices of the teas were definitely pricier than what most people would pay for. Nevertheless, it was an opportunity to taste teas that I've never tried before.

I stumbled upon a stall that sold chai tea in a terracotta cup for $2 -- which would've been the smarter choice to buy that than to pay $4 for the designated tea taster cup at the doors. They still made good souvenirs.

Some of the stalls had wonderful displays, and other stalls sold adorable tea cosies. I bet many of the knitters there took photos so they could knit it themselves! (Hello Ravelry.) My friends and I hanged around for about an hour before we went off for a late lunch at the CBD -- they weren't as keen as I was and left without having bought any teas.

Mr Tea, the tea cosy
I was looking for non-caffeinated tisanes and teas -- these are my preferred kind. I just picked Calm from Tea Amo (cute name; sounds like 'ti amo', which is 'I love you' in Italian). Apparently, you can find this brand in the David Jones Food Hall as well. I was particularly interested in the I AM INFUSION stall but I didn't bring enough money to buy a cannister of I AM BRAINS tea -- maybe next year. I loved how citrusy it was.

If you're a bigger tea enthusiast than I am, you'd probably enjoy this. If you haven't caught word of it, I don't know where you've been so write this into your list of things to do next year.

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