Saturday, December 3, 2016

Inspiration: Twin Peaks

Throughout the year, I've been watching Twin Peaks in my spare time. I've recently completed the series, hoping that I can catch the revival. I was introduced to this show when I was playing Life is Strange, where there were many references to Twin Peaks. I got so into it that I made cherry pie and had it with black coffee one morning -- actually a couple of mornings because I baked an entire pie for myself.

Nevertheless, the women of Twin Peaks has style and I thought I'd do a compilation here.

Audrey Horne

She's my favourite, she's everyone's favourite as far as I know. There's something about that 40s/50s influence in her style that I adore, mixed with the 90s. She's got that classic look, but the Old Hollywood kind of classic. It borders between demure and sexy. Her palette is generally white, black and red -- sounds like my teenaged wardrobe and I still love that combination.

I loved this costume on her too -- the one from One-eyed Jacks. 

Donna Hayward

Donna also has a classic look but the preppy variant. She's the Queen of Sweaters -- typically oversized. Sometimes it'll be a very feminine look overall but she can pull of more masculine styles well. I prefer her more feminine looks though because I'm not a big fan of grandpa sweaters/jumpers.

Shelly Johnson

I was named after a television character, and I like to think that Twin Peaks is where my mother got the name. In any case, Shelly's style is what I think the typical teenager of the early 90s would wear on TV. It's got the residual 80s flair. How can a girl not fall in love with the earrings she wears with her diner uniform?

On a tangent, Shelly reminds me a little of one of the characters from Last Window: The Secret of Cape West.

Josie Packard

The femme fatale. She's got that classic Old Hollywood look, but her masculine outfits has that Katherine Hepburn flair. Very dramatic, which is something I admire but I can never pull off personally. She shares a similar colour palette to Audrey but Josie's bold and dramatic.

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